Pedro works very closely with the SFM in order to provide individuals with the tools they need to create their digital lifestyle. The SFM is a digital marketing training program which the main goal is to facilitate the process of starting a business in today`s digital economy. The students will have the opportunity to use the educational training provided by SFM to pursue their own passions and paths, they have the change to use the skills to be-reliant and eventually become consultants, coaches or mentors, themselves. The training is a process of persistence and we make sure the students have all the support they need. Learn more


    For those who don`t have any products to market online or any intention of doing so in the future, there is a possibility for you to earn commissions while you learn the digital skills. SFM provides the products and the marketing funnels, ready to go, for you to start marketing their training programs and receiving a commission in exchange for your efforts. You, as a student have the right to be paid a commission of *40 to 50% of the retail value of the products you have invested and 10% on those you have not. *The commissions go from $100 to $12000. Learn more about the affiliate program

*DISCLAIMER: Providing the users an honest experience is one of my goals, I want to make sure to set the expectations when it comes to individuals results. These can vary and there is no guarantee for any kind of results coming from the use of the training and systems referenced on this website. Although, the testimonials are valid, that fact, for itself cannot guarantee you will have the same results. Your determination, willingness to persist and work ethic will determine your success and the amount you will get paid using the training program.