Have you ever wonder why some people always find a way to be successful in life, no matter the economic conditions, their personal struggles or their upbringing, while others although they work hard, are good citizens, but never seem to achieve anything worth remembering in life?

This topic has become one of my areas of study ever since I dropped out of college to pursue my entrepreneurial journey… I had many concepts and ideas in my mind on why some people live a life filled with triumphs and others struggle all their lives, but it took me a while to understand what is the one thing that makes a difference between success and failure. I was inspired by one of my mentors to bring this topic to the table and explaining it the best way possible.

There are all of factors that could influence one`s ability to succeed, time management, goal setting, skills, the right guidance or mentorship, but the one thing that makes a difference is clearly answering to this question: “how bad do you want it?”


There’s a profound difference between interest and commitment. Interest reads a book; commitment applies the book 50 times.
― M.J. DeMarco


You see, most people say they want to lose weight, speak on stage, accumulate large sums of wealth, the dream lifestyle, or the prosperous business, but they actually are not willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill their wishes. What separates most people from achieving massive amounts of success is their ability to stay hungry, to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Humans beings are so good at coming up with excuses why they can `t achieve anything… honestly, I made that mistake too, as a real estate agent, working 70 hours a week, giving all I got, but never getting the results I wanted and blaming the economy, the boss, the market or the customers for my lack of efficiency.

I believe that we make our own barriers in life, if you really wanted to succeed in life, you would already be committed to doing whatever is necessary to achieve that. A friend of mine from the military, at some point, messaged me on social media and asked me what I was up to. I told him I had started a business on the internet and explained the opportunities that are out there to make a great living and how it was possible for him to do the same thing. His excuse was that he wasn’t that good with the English language, so probably that wouldn`t work out for him, although he kept telling me that his life sucked and he didn`t know what to do… isn`t that interesting?

I learned that some people just don`t want to be helped, they are not hungry for success, English is not my native language either, but I didn`t allow that to be an excuse to stay back and be a spectator, seeing other people create the lifestyle I`ve always wanted.

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