No matter if you`re in China, Russia or in the United States, the message is passed on through many generations making us believe that it is, in fact, the only real truth about how the world operates.

I got to admit, this article won`t be ranked as the most popular, but this ain`t a contest at high school, I`m here to tell you the way it is, how you have been brainwashed by society, parents, siblings, media, church, politicians, etc… Let`s crank it up:

#1 “You Got To Go To College”
Don`t get me wrong, knowledge is important, but is what they teach in the universities useful to apply in the real world if you want to succeed? Probably not, I can talk from experience, one year wasted in a “factory of robots”, time that I could use to start building my business.

#2 “You`re Just Too Young”
How many of us were told that we`re too young to do whatever? Ridiculous, a persons` ability to be successful has nothing to do with their age… just ask Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook.

#3 “Don`t Meet With Strangers”
Yeah, right… let`s say I want to start my own business and I need financing, what`s going through my mind? “Oh, my daddy told me to not talk to strangers!”
Now, what if nobody that you know has a penny to borrow you?

#4 “Stay Small”
Especially when you start to get ahead of other people in life, having more money, more success, they will tell you that your goals are too high… “take it easy”, they say. It could also be told by your parents as a protecting instinct, they don`t want you to shoot so high that you get disappointed, if you fail.

#5 “Don`t Stand Out”
My life changed when I overcame this lie, decided to stop following everybody else and realized that applying the conventional thinking is almost always a bad idea. Miracles happen when you make the decision to build your own empire and stop pleasing everybody.

#6 “Oh, Nasty, Nasty… Debt Is No Good”
Probably you heard this from your broke friends that get themselves into debt every year to buy the latest version of their favorite car brand. There`s a difference between good and bad debt. Do you know any gigantic company that didn`t use debt to grow?

#7 “Sales Is A Dirty Word”
Again, think carefully and come up with the name of a company that is not based on sales. Life is a sale… it`s called having to sell yourself to your future spouse or to your potential employer! People who say this usually come from a scarcity mindset.

#8 “Take It Easy, Don`t Brag”
Why shouldn`t you brag? Let the world know that you`re a person of value, that your service or product is awesome. Marketing and branding are essential for the growth of every successful business or person. Yes, because you are not in business, you are the business!

#9 “You Need To Have Some Balance”
F*ck that! What if it`s just a myth? How about being a freaking champion is every area of your life… the only thing that`s gonna help you reach your craziest goals is not balance, is being obsessed about the things you want and believe in.

# 10 “Take Sundays Off, Son”
What if you enjoy what you do so much that you don`t need to take days off… it actually feels weird when you do it! There are not many people who love Mondays, are those who don`t that say this to you.

There are a million ways you can be lied to, once you acknowledge that you`ve been brainwashed and the truth reveals itself, it`s almost like a massive weight getting out of your back, you`ll feel free, the brake that is stopping you from achieving the lifestyle you want gets released and you start going at 1000 mph.

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