You may be wondering…

What the hell does personality types have to do with becoming a great salesperson?

Well, first of all, sales is a transfer of energy.

And secondly, you`re only as good as your ability to communicate with the different personality types. Not everyone acts, thinks and makes decisions the same way.
Some people are “straight shooters”, others are “super emotional” and others, well… can`t seem to make a freaking decision.

You know the ones I`m talking about!

Anyway, in any sales situation, the first thing you need to be aware of is how you`ll be communicating with the other person. If you both don`t talk the same “language”, there will be a disconnect.

This is why, there are brilliant salespeople out there, who say the right lines, they dress like a superstar but they just can`t connect with the prospect.


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Connection is essentially in sales.
If you can`t connect with the prospect, you `ll have a hard time closing sales. And since life is a sale, your inability to connect with other human beings will have a tremendous impact on the quality of your life.

Because think about it…

Everything you want in life is a sale and the outcome is the commission.

I`m gonna show exactly how to influence each type of personality, what their traits and flaws are and show you the importance of connecting with people to get everything you want out of life.

There basically 4 types of personalities:

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Pearl
  • Emerald

If you know how to effectively communicate with each personality type, the way they liked to be addressed, your chances of connecting, influencing each one and of course making sales, go through the roof.

Most people are lousy communicators!

Communication is wealth, as my mentor says, if you work on it you can never go wrong.

It doesn`t matter if you`re a sales rep, an entrepreneur, a speaker or a single mom, this guide will help you become a great “salesperson”, that is to say, a great influencer.


Personality Type #1 – Ruby

*Source: Discovery`s YouTube Channel



These are normally the people you see winning in business, they`re driven, ambitious and just can`t stop.

When they finish their work… well, they go back to work again, always finding something else to do. Rubies get bored easily… kind of like me! 😄

They need action to feel satisfied, can be extremely productive and focused on the task at hand. In sales, rubies like to dominate!

They like to wear black, red and drive fast cars. Rubies need to accomplish something every day, regardless of how small it might be, to feel happy and fulfilled.

Small talk doesn`t land well with them, they like you to go straight to point.

Rubies usually talk like they`re giving commands to an army, with a high tone and authoritative voice. Their drive to always win and stay on top can be a turn off for some people.

They may unconsciously try to “bully” you in conversations since they`re very intense.



  • Incredible work ethic
  • Super productive
  • Winning is the only option


  • Extremely impatient
  • Workaholics
  • Sometimes they get in their own way

How to win with Rubies

  • Go straight to the point
  • Talk about their goals
  • Compliment them in a genuine way


Personality Type #2 – Sapphire

*Source: Elune Blue`s YouTube Channel



The sapphires usually like to throw a party and be the center of attention. Actually, they celebrate alone!

The funniest and most positive people you`ll ever meet are sapphires. They like to live in the moment, they`re genuinely happy and enjoy the excitement of their experiences.

Their closets are usually a mess, they don`t care about color combinations, “step by steps” or reading instruction manuals.
Sapphires are the happiest when they find themselves in social situations. These usually represent the typical person in sales.

They like to talk… a lot and express themselves to the world!

Sapphires are excited, outrageous and naturally don`t care about what others think. They just want to have fun.



  • Super positive
  • Upbeat and friendly
  • They never run out of topics for conversations


  • Disorganized
  • Sometimes overly optimistic
  • Too reactive

How to win with Sapphires

  • Give them a good smile
  • Tell a good story
  • Keep things simple


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Personality Type #3 – Pearl

*Source: GemSelect`s YouTube Channel



Pearls are very generous, they like to stay in their corner and not bother other people. They are very emotional and truly value relationships.

In sales, prospects that are Pearl tend to get carried away with their emotions, so it`s essential that you keep your own in check if you want to keep the deal alive.

People with this personality type like to contribute to charities and support their community.

Once you connect at a deep emotional level with a pearl, he or she will follow you to the end of the world. Their tone voice is soft, low and usually take a little bit longer to process information.

They like to feel understood and appreciate when someone takes the time to know their situation and concerns.



  • Very empathetic
  • They genuinely care about others
  • Pearls are courteous


  • They can be too emotional
  • Sometimes, they let other stronger personality types push them around
  • Pearls can be naive

How to win with Pearls

  • Show them your caring side
  • Listen to them and ask a lot of questions
  • Talk about helping others and making a contribution


Personality Type #4 – Emerald

*Source: Neeta Singhal`s YouTube Channel



Everyone knows an analytical person!

They drive salespeople crazy. Emeralds take their time to study, analyze, study and analyze again, ending up by not making any decision, sometimes.

They tend to think themselves out of a sale and are the hardest personality type to connect with.

The emeralds are drawn to what makes sense, usually motivated by things that save them time or money.

This personality type likes to understand every little nuance and most of the times don`t make decisions without talking to various people they trust.

Emeralds can be apathetic, seem to not be interested and hard to get information from. They like any headline that says “step by step” or words like “exactly” and “precisely.”



  • Extremely professionals
  • They don`t like to be late for anything
  • Crazy attention to detail


  • Think themselves out of decisions
  • Sometimes, they get caught up in the process
  • The attention to detail might cause them to lose sight of the big picture

How to win with Emeralds

  • Be professional and respectful of their time
  • Show them you know your stuff
  • Explain the process and validate that it works


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Connect To Close

As you can probably see, there is no better personality type than the other. All of them have traits and flaws.

The key to becoming a master communicator is understanding how to relate to each one and pick the strongest points and incorporate them into your own personal style.

Especially, when you`re closing sales over the phone, the only “weapons” you have are your tonality, the words you say and your level of energy.

Understanding the different personality types will give you an edge over most salespeople out there.


4 types of personalities
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn


Be aware that most people have more than one type of personality.

Your job as a closer, as a sales professional, as a master communicator is to identify their main personality type and talk to them the way they want to be talked to.

Closing is not about you. You must adjust to connect!

You need to adapt to the different styles of communication in order to become a great salesperson.

It takes time, effort and practice but over time, you`ll start to know exactly who you`re talking to and adjust your approach accordingly.

I`d like to hear from you in the comments…

What new insights did you get out of this article?