Most people think the only way to get ahead and become successful in life is to have a degree or go back to college.

That couldn`t be further away from the truth!

Society brainwashes us to believe that this is the only path you can take to make a great living… luckily it`s not.

In fact, most degrees are just a waste of time in my modest opinion.
I`m kind of a suspect since I`m a college dropout but that didn`t stop me from creating a better future.

If you don`t know how possible it is to make a great living without a degree, you`ll be surprised to discover a whole new world you never thought existed by watching the video below.


*Source: Dan Lok`s Youtube Channel


Dan defends the concept of high income skills.

These are skills that can make you at least 100K a year. The problem with people starting a business is that they don´t have any skills in the first place.

That`s why statistics have such dark numbers for startup entrepreneurs.

With a high income skill, you have the confidence to produce money any time you want because now you`re not dependent on a boss, a business not even the economy.

You`re dependent on yourself!

And you can always start a business once you have the skills. That will reduce your chances of being part of the dark numbers.

So, without further ado…


5 High End Careers To Choose From


1) Copywriting

If you don`t know what this is, it basically means that you`re creating marketing pieces, sales letters, building funnels or email marketing campaigns that convert leads into buyers.

Copywriting could be in print or in digital format.

I believe it`s one of the most important skills to have and one I didn`t pay much attention when I got started online.

Big mistake!

It`s the art of influencing someone to buy a product with words.

Copywriting could be a great skill to develop for people who are on the introvert side and want to make a great living.
You don`t even need to open your mouth to earn money.

If you`re passionate about writing, consider this one.

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2) Consulting

This is advisory in a particular area of expertise.

It revolves around a different number of areas such as marketing, management, sales or leadership.

You`re using your expertise in a particular subject to create value in the marketplace and get paid. Consulting is one of my favorite high income skills.

You can set your own rules and determine how you want to work with clients.
Maybe you just want to advise them and help solve complex business problems instead of doing the implementation yourself.

There are so many ways you can get paid doing consulting…

Per project, results, residuals or holding equity in the business you`re working with.


3) Digital Marketing

The hottest skill of the 21st century!

If you`re a millennial, digital marketing is a great addition to your toolbag. You can become a valuable asset to entrepreneurs, who for example sell to millennials, as well.

They can always get the best insights from you since you already know how millennials buy.

You could be building marketing campaigns, managing social media profiles or creating content for influencers.

Social media is time-consuming, so businesses often times choose to pay someone to manage their accounts.

And you can charge a premium for that!


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  • LinkedIn


4) YouTube

How many YouTubers we see traveling the world and making a living sharing their passion?


The platform has grown so fast over the past years and is becoming a good source of income for those who are naturally good on camera and want to share their passions with the world.

Google pays these Youtubes everytime an ad shows up on their channel`s videos. 

This is how they make money. Depending on how many subscribers you have, the amount you`ll get paid will vary.

It takes a little while to get it going but once you start growing in subscribers your income follows.

If you`re good on camera and you have a passion to share, YouTube is the way to go!


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5) High Ticket Closing

This skill is the foundation for all the others mentioned above. It`s the ability to communicate, influence and create a deep connection with an audience or an individual.

Basically, entrepreneurs and influencers pay you a premium for you to close sales over the phone. This doesn`t involve cold calling or prospecting, by the way.

You`re leveraging other people`s products and leads to earn commissions, much like a sales job.

The only difference here is that you work independently, as a High Ticket Closer™, from wherever you want in the world and you only take inbound calls.

Knowing how to close is the number one ability you`ll need in life and business because everything you want, other people have already got.


What`s The Best High End Career For You?

No matter what your path is, you can`t go wrong developing your high income skills.
They`re the single best investment you can make and that nobody can tax or take it away from you.

One path is not better than the other.

Let`s recap…

And perhaps, neither of these high end careers resonate with you…

… that`s ok!

But hopefully, now, you`re a little bit more aware of what`s out there and how to make money with it.

Having a high income skill is like learning how to ride a bicycle, once you know how it works you`ll never forget it.

They`re your safety net, your guarantee for generating income on demand regardless of the economic conditions.

What skills resonated with you the best?

Let me know in the comments below.