Hey there, this is Pedro!

I`m an international marketing strategist, author and high ticket sales specialist.

Over the years I`ve had the opportunity to connect with great mentors in the sales and online marketing space.


These days, I also recommend great products and services online, offers that I believe can add value to the lives of other people.

I don’t believe in quick fixes or in some “get rich quick BS”, I believe in guiding people through transformative experiences that can offer them a way to create sustainable success.

I became fascinated when I discovered the world of high ticket sales, I got hooked and it has been part of my life ever since.

High ticket closing is more than a philosophy, it`s a way of life!

Feel free to explore my content, on this website, you`ll find all sorts of tips and tricks related to high ticket sales, not only the techniques but the mindset, as well.

I`m glad to have you here and reach out anytime if there`s anything I can do to support your journey.