Maybe you`re not sure about what it takes to be successful, maybe you`re doubting yourself of what you can achieve…

That`s quite normal, people tend to focus more on what they can`t do, rather than what they can. But, you`re different… you know that there’s something inside of you telling that one day you will be very successful, but you still don`t know where to start.

Hopefully, you`ll get some answers out of this talk that could help you discover if you have the traits of successful individuals.

Ever felt like you`re destined to do something big? I got you, it`s a warning that one day you`ll actually do something big. Sounds simple, right? Truly, it is…

These signs can give you a better understanding if you are on the right track…


#1 Personal Growth Mindset

If you`re the type of person who prefers to read a good book, watch an educational video or even listen to a podcast instead of turning up to the news or staying late to watch reality shows, then it`s a pretty good sign that you have the most important characteristic of a successful individual.

You`re constantly improving yourself, obsessed with learning and developing the skills necessary to create a better future for yourself and your family, you`re not afraid to go to conferences and seminars or spending as much money as necessary improving yourself.

With a personal growth mindset comes not being satisfied and always looking for ways to improve something in your life, whether that be health, finance, spiritual or contribution.


#2 Never Give Up Attitude

Remember the days when you played your favorite game or sport with your friends and you were the one giving it all out?

That`s because you refuse to give up on something you want, you don`t settle for less than you can achieve, you want only the best, you want to be the first one and anything less than that is a loss. It`s the same characteristic present in athletes or top performers.

This attitude of “no matter what, I`ll make it happen” is definitely one of the most important traits of successful people. The world is filled with people that give up on dreams too quickly, as I use to say, they put their dreams for sale, they are not willing to keep fighting and push until the breakthrough.

But you`re different, you realize that if you just wang on tight for a little longer, you`ll make it to the other side. You`re not like everybody else that quits right before the breakthrough, you endure every challenge and learn from your mistakes. If that`s you, congratulations, success is waiting and remember, people don`t fail, they just give up.


#3 Willingness To Take Risks

Do you know why the casinos never get busted?

I`ll explain you in a few seconds, but first, let me point out a relevant piece of information… successful people are willing to take risks to achieve their desired destination. They don`t mind to fail because they know, as John C. Maxwell says, the only path to success is failing forward, is making enough mistakes to get to a point where they become the foundations for your achievements… well, as long as you don`t make the same mistakes over and over, but that`s a different story.

Most people are too scared to make a move in life because they fear failure. That`s exactly what happens in the casinos. The owner is cool and relaxed because he knows that people won`t make a big enough bet and take the risk to break the casino`s bank!


#4 You Are Self Aware

Millions of people get trapped in what many call the “rat race”, thinking that it`s the only “race” to be in. First of all, they ain`t a rat, they`re just less aware of what`s going on in their life than others. Knowing that you have a problem in a certain area of your life gives you the advantage over these people, for sure.

Self-awareness gives you the ability to understand what you`re doing wrong and how to fix it, that`s a powerful state to be in. You`re not blindfolded, clueless, guessing or hoping that something miraculous is going to happen, something that`s gonna change your life. Take the lottery as an example…

… many think that it`s the only vehicle for a wealthy life! Why? Because their level of awareness is so low that they think there`s no other way to obtain financial freedom than to make a one time “lucky” strike.

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#5 You`re Positive And Optimistic

It`s very easy to stay cool and calm when everything is going good, isn`t? But let`s say things don`t happen exactly how you planned, which is very common, by the way… if normally you`re positive in those situations, a big congratulations because you belong the few who are not influenced by negativity.

We tend to focus more on the negatives than the positives, that`s just human nature. Think about a stressful situation you went through recently, how did you react to that? Did you stay cool and said to yourself that everything would be ok or did get angry and doubting yourself or your capabilities?

Of course, you`re not gonna be 100% positive in every situation, but at least you have the awareness to understand why you are frustrated with something or someone and you know how you stand at that moment. You can catch yourself with the wrong attitude at the wrong time and do it differently the next time.

Everybody likes to be around positive people so if you`re already one of them, a big shout out to you, the world is against you, if you know what I mean.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” 

Jim Rohn

 If you can`t relate to all the signs described here, don`t worry, at least you`re working on it. Pat yourself on the back for having at least one at the moment, seriously!

Now you understand that you are greater than you think you are, take those signs as an inspiration to get your way around life and have everything you want out of it.

Success isn`t a magical formula, it`s not about a financial benchmark, how many houses you own or how many sports cars you have in your garage… it`s about you having the hunger to develop yourself as a human being so that you can take care of others around you and get to where you want to be… it`s about, as Jonh Maxwell says, reaching your full potential.

Hope you`ve enjoyed the content and wish you a very successful journey through life.


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