What do you say to close the sale when the prospects tell you “send me a proposal”?

What about when they say “your price is too high?”

I`m sure you`ve heard this one…

“Send me more information!”


There`s another one… “let me think about it.”

And what about “how much is it?”

It sucks! I know…

… and it costs you sales as well.

The art of closing sales is nothing more than a journey towards the truth.
A journey towards finding out what are the prospect`s motivations, needs, desires and what`s holding him back.

If you`re having troubles handling any of these, I promise you that by the end of this article, with the tips I`m going to share with you, you`ll know exactly what to say to turn a maybe into a yes.

You won`t be stuttering anymore!

With the help of a good friend, the multimillionaire mentor, Dan Lok, we`re gonna show you exactly what to say when the above objections come up in any sales situation.

Objections are just resistance and today you`ll learn how to play with it.

It`s going to be fun!


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Your Prospect Says “Send Me A Proposal” And You Say…

*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


Is it really about the proposal or something else?

Most of the times, it`s not about the freaking proposal.

The reality is that salespeople are so scared to get the prospect to commit that they opt for the easy solution…

“let`s send this guy a piece of paper and pray that he will move forward!”

Do you really think you can close a 5, 10 or even $20 000 sale through a bunch of paper justifying how great your service is?

Come on, let`s keep it real!

You can get away with negotiating with the prospect, sending him a simple terms of agreement document, laying out what to expect when doing business with you.

The last thing you want is to spend 3 hours writing the perfect proposal (which will rarely get seen) in hopes that you`ll close the sale when in reality you haven`t communicated the value of your service, in the first place.

If you did a good job presenting your solution in a way that makes sense to the prospect, he doesn`t need to see anything else.

Proposals are a fancy word to describe lack of certainty.

Your lack of certainty!

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Your Prospect Says “How Much Is It?” And You Say…

*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


Do you know those people that get on the phone with you and the first few words that come out of their mouth are…

“How much do you charge? Ok, I`m just shopping around!”

Don`t you hate those prospects?

Depending on what stage of the closing call you hear this, your approach should be different.

If you get price questions in the beginning, most likely you`re dealing with a bad prospect. He could also be testing you!

Your best bet to handle this is to simply play ignorant…

“Well, I don`t know… depends on what you`re looking for.”

This is not a trick, by the way, it`s the truth!

You don`t even know if your solution can solve his problem or even if he`s qualified and you want to give him the price?

Bad idea.

Find out what motivated him to jump on the call and go from there. If he`s not a good fit, that`s ok, get off the phone.


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Your Prospect Says “Let Me Think About It” And You Say…

*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


This is a classic objection in sales.

I hate this one!

Basically, the prospect is telling you he`s not interested in a polite way or maybe he needs to talk to someone else in order to move the deal forward.

Don’t be like most salespeople…

“yes, great idea, let`s think about it together!”


Or “what do you need to think about, can`t you see this product is gonna help you?”


Prospects lie all the time.
Usually, people don`t like to be rude and “let me think about it” is just a polite way to end the sales conversation.

Don`t buy into their BS.

Ask him…

“So John, let me ask you, is a no, isn`t?”

From there, you can find out what is holding the prospect back.

Again, it goes back to seeking the truth, getting through their own excuses and helping them come up with a creative solution to the problem.


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Your Prospect Says “Your Price Is Too High” And You Say…

*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


Let`s face it…

Nobody likes cheap clients!

But you might say “my clients are always cheap, they always try to nickel and dime the hell out of me!”

Look within. Entrepreneurs and salespeople tend to project their own values onto the prospects.

All price resistance is in the mind of the seller, not the buyer. 

In reality, when people say the price is too high, what they`re really saying is “I haven`t seen the value of this thing.”

Then, it`s your job as a sales professional, as a closer to communicate your offer in a compelling way so they feel like it`s worth doing business with you.

When value exceeds price, people buy!

And any amount of money will always be a stretch for the prospect, I don`t care if you`re selling private jets or coaching programs.

Remember, people buy value, outcomes and certainty, not products.


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Your Prospect Says “Send Me More Information” And You Say…

*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


You send them some information and then what happens?


They ghost on you. Never heard from them again and the sale is gone.

You probably already know this…

The prospect doesn`t care about features, benefits or information, whether that`s a PDF, a video or email, he cares about the outcome he will get by using your product or service.

Be upfront with him and ask the tough questions. Bottom line the deal!

Here`s an example:

“So John, even if I send you the information you want and you like what you see, what`s gonna happen next?”

If he says we won`t move forward even though he has the information, then there`s something else that`s holding him back.

Find that out.

Never, ever stay in “maybe land.”
You`ll get busted on sales calls, I promise you.

You should know the prospects better than they know themselves.

(NOTE: How To Always Know What To Say And Make Millions From Your Phone Without Prospecting, Cold Calling, Working For Someone Else Or Even Having A Business)


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Close The Sale By Seeking The Truth

No matter how many closing techniques you use, if you don`t have the courage to go deep and find the root of your prospect`s problems, you`re dead in the water.

Buyers these days have all the information they need to make a purchase.
You`ve got to become a value adder, not a feature pusher in order to thrive in business and sales.

Here`s the truth…

Your clients are a direct reflexion what going on, on the inside. Yes, inside of you!

It`s unrealistic to expect your prospect to buy a $10 000 product when you haven`t invested that kind of money yourself.

Please, don`t be a hypocrite!

It`s also unrealistic to expect your prospect to commit when you never committed to anything in your life.

Get to your own truth before trying to dig into someone else`s.

They say “the truth will set you free”… and it also allows you to close sales.

Which of these sales techniques are you going to implement today?

Let me know in the comments below.