How many times have you tried to close a deal with a potential client but you felt like something wasn`t quite working?

You felt awkward asking for the money or ended up getting rejected by the prospect.

Sometimes, you may even lose the sale and don`t know why.
My goal with this article is to help you understand why that happens and what you can start doing to flip the situation around.

Instead of pointing out all of the things you should be doing right in your closing calls, I`m going to show you what you could be doing wrong, mistakes you`re possibly making that are costing you money.


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#1 – You`re Interrupting Their Day

If you`re still calling the prospect out of the blue without them booking a call in your calendar, we`ve got to talk.

And I know what you`re thinking… “does this mean that outbound calling doesn`t work?”

I can work, it`s just not the most effective way to close a sale.

When you call someone without them expecting you, you become an interruption in their day. Sometimes, they don`t even answer.
You know what I`m talking about… voicemail after voicemail. Then, you end up chasing them without much success. Now, they`re avoiding you.


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So, why pre-scheduling calls makes sense?

It gives you more control over your schedule, you`re not wasting time going back and forth if they don`t pick up the phone and with technology nowadays, you can have the prospect book a time and receive an email and SMS reminder.

It also allows you to give value in advance by sending a short video or article, embedded in the booking software, before the call. This way, the call is registered in their calendar.

Ideally, they should fill out an application form before booking the call. Once it is booked, you`ll have access to the data they left in the form.

If they don`t call you at the time they picked, guess what? It means they`re not that serious.

Good! Move on.


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#2 – Too Lazy To Do Research

Most salespeople are just too lazy to research the prospect ahead of time. Big mistake! That`s why they can`t close sh*t.

Once you know at what time you`ll be speaking with your prospect, you want to take 10 to 15 minutes before the call to check their social profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram) and website.

Also, take a look at their application.

It will give you even more insights and data you can use in the call.


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Doing your research ahead of time will accomplish two things: number one, you go into the call with a lot more confidence and number two, it allows you to connect with them in a more meaningful, genuine way.

Let`s say you`re in the middle of the conversation and you mention something about them that you found in your research. What do you think their reaction is gonna be?


Subconsciously, they`re thinking “oh, man… this person understands me, he did his research, how does he know that?”

Right there… boom!

Their level of trust increases dramatically and your chances of closing the sale follow the same trend.


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#3 – Not Understanding Their Personality Type

Most sales trainers don`t give the proper attention to this subject.
As you know, people have different types of personalities and each one of them think and behave in a different way.

If you`re speaking with a goal driven, business type person and all you talk about is saving money, the “step by step” and the process, they`ll get frustrated.
There is a disconnect between your language and the way they like to be addressed.

If you go straight to the point and talk about their goals, now you have their attention.


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Knowing the different types of personalities will allow you to connect much better with any prospect because they can sense you`re talking their language and that you understand them.

In other words, you become similar to them and when you become similar they will like you more.

Most salespeople make the mistake of talking to every prospect the same way. In order to maximize your results in every closing call, you must understand who you`re talking to and adjust your tonality, language pattern and energy accordingly.


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#4 – Lack Of Structure For The Sales Call

Do you even know why you`re saying certain things and where to say them in the call?

I`m not talking about the closing lines here. I`m talking about the principals. Memorizing lines is good but it`s very low-level thinking.

Following a structure will prevent you from getting lost and lose control of the conversation.
When you lose control of the conversation, you lose control of the sale. You need to know exactly where you are in the call and what to do next.

You know that, in the beginning, you`re gonna set the expectations and let the prospect know how the call will go.
Then, you start asking discovery questions to find their needs and desires.

Once you know exactly what they`re looking for and their pains, the next step is to connect their pain points to the outcomes they want and bridge to your solution.

(NOTE: How To Never Lose Control Of A Sales Call And Make Millions On The Phone Without Prospecting, Cold Calling Or Working For Someone Else)


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It`s a flow, your questions might be different, your tone might be different, you may end up getting objections and have to go back to their needs again.

The key here is to know the principals and adapt your approach to every situation.

That`s why I don`t believe too much in scripts or traditional closing techniques.

Scripts serve as a guideline, they`re meant to help you know where in the call you`re at, not to use the lines word by word.

If that happens, you`ll be sounding more like a robot than a human.


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#5 – Sounding Like A Typical Salesperson

Talking about robots…

Yes, most salespeople sound like a programmed kitchen robot. Or even worse, like they`ve been taking viagra.

“How are you today, sir?”, “Great, awesome, it`s your lucky today… how`s the weather?”

Is this the weather report? 🤨

You lost them right there. This type of language comes across too excited, you sound way too desperate and not interested. This is why society has negative associations with salespeople.

Knowing this key piece of information will allow you to stand out from the “typical” and act like someone who`s there to genuinely help them.


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People don`t like to be sold but they love to buy.

The problem with pushy sales techniques is that when you use them, the prospect, even though might agree to purchase, they don`t feel good about it. Because you forced them into a decision.

In order for the sale to stick, you must make them feel like it was their decision to move forward.

Most traditional closing questions and techniques just don`t work anymore.
They may work when selling low ticket stuff, like $7 products. When you sell high ticket items, you have no margin to act, sound or even resemble like a typical salesperson.

Even a simple “how are you today?”  in an exciting tone, at the beginning of your sales call can make you lose the sale.

Think about that… 1 minute into the conversation and you already lost.


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#6 – You`re A Chatter Box

Just stop talking, man! Closing sales isn`t about you. Let the prospect do most of the talking.

If you`re talking more than 20% the time, you`re doing it wrong.

When you talk too much, the prospect feels like they are being given a lecture, they feel like you don`t care about them and you start entering in the red zone of justifying your value.

Prospects don`t need lectures, they need answers. Be interested, be curious and ask questions… a lot of questions.


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Make sure to take notes when you`re listening. They`ll appreciate that!

In fact, you`ll end up by scoring a few extra points in their level of trust. When was the last time you were talking and someone was taking notes?

Not even your spouse does that!

Most people like to talk about themselves, their problems, their goals, what`s bothering them and when they get on the phone with someone that really listens and cares about them, it is so refreshing.

Practice your listening skills. When you ask questions and they give an answer, wait a few seconds to talk back.


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#7 – You Ask Bad, Ugly, Dumb Questions

If you`re talking most of the time, in justifying mode, how can you even remember to ask questions? You want to impress the prospect, letting him know how smart you are.

That`s very common.

But guess what… they don`t care!

People don`t do business with you because they know how smart you are, they do it because they can see that you can solve their problems and add value to their lives in a meaningful way.

Questions are the answers.


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Most salespeople are comfortable asking situational questions and problem questions. Things get a little bit trickier when it´s time to go deep and ask those hard, emotional questions.

You know what I mean…

“So, Mr. Prospect… you told me that you`re losing $20 000 a month in your business, your wife is telling you to quit and now your son doesn`t even know you anymore because you spend more time in the office than at home.
Let me ask you… was that the future you`ve always envisioned for yourself, becoming a stranger to your little boy?”

But I would never ask that – you say. Do you know why?

Because you`re too scared to confront your own demons. You can`t go deep with the prospect because you get pissed off when someone goes deep with you.

Everyone wants to be a top closer, nobody wants to ask the hard questions. Grow some balls!


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#8 – Negative Associations With Money

How can you feel good asking for $20 000 over the phone, when you hate rich people and your daddy told you that money is the root of all evil?

You can`t, it`s impossible! Your tonality and body language will give it way.

The prospect tells you that it`s too much money and you end up buying into that. 

Good job on their end, they closed you. Your mindset is not strong enough and you lack conviction.

They come into sales calls with their guard up, with no clarity and most of the times scared to make a bad decision.

If you`re not clear on your intentions and don`t have certainty in your product, you`re dead in the water.


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Society, the media and your parents have programmed you to think that rich people are evil, that money doesn`t grow on trees or and here`s my favorite… that if you make a lot of money, you`re a bad person.

This is ridiculous!

Start working on getting rid of these beliefs and replace them with new ones. A single negative association with money can ruin an entire closing call.


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Master The Sales Call By Avoiding These Mistakes

If you can just avoid making these simple mistakes, I promise you… your success rate will increase!

Most of your peers are not even aware that they`re falling into the holes.
If you`re not getting the results you want, it`s probably because you don`t know something.

And you might just be missing a few key pieces of information to skyrocket your income and your life. You don`t know what you don`t know.

Let`s go back and focus on how to avoid the “mouse traps”:

  • Have the prospect book a specific time in your calendar and call you
  • Do your research on the prospect before jumping on the call
  • Figure out their personality type when talking to them
  • Have a simple structure for the sales call
  • Don`t be too excited or use any traditional sales techniques
  • Let your prospect talk 80% of the time
  • Listen with intent so you can ask great questions and go deep
  • Fix your money blueprint and get rid of old programming

Next time you jump on a closing call, record yourself, listen to your tone of voice and the words you say. It will help you progress that much faster.

(NOTE: How To Skyrocket Your Income Making Millions From Your Phone Without Prospecting, Cold Calling, Working For Someone Else Or Even Having A Business)

Review your performance and ask yourself…

  • “am I connecting with the prospect?”
  • “did I figure out their personality type?”
  • “did I sound too excited?”
  • “did I use any typical salesperson language?” 
  • “was I taking notes?”

… and go back to this guide to check if you miss anything.

It takes practice to change your old habits and start adopting new ones.

As you get better, not sounding like everybody else will become automatic and ultimately you`ll start seeing results that others can see.