When it comes to closing sales, you need to be able to understand why people buy as well as why they don`t buy from you.

This article will specifically talk about the 5 reasons why your prospects refuse to buy from you and what you can do to start closing more deals today.

I can give all the selling tips I know, a perfect “how to close sales forever” playbook, all the lines, the scripts but unless you know your target market better than anyone, your offer and the outcomes it provides, you`re just going to wander around frustrated and asking yourself why you lost that sale.

When you have data, you`re logical about what happens and why you`re not getting results, then it`s much easier to make corrections.

So, why don`t people buy from you?


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#1 They don`t have a need for your offer

It doesn`t matter if your service is the best in the industry, if the person you’re trying to close doesn`t need it, you`re just wasting your time.

Better to just move on and disqualify them.

Maybe your service doesn`t meet their specific needs or requirements… that`s ok!

Plenty of people you can serve out there. The last thing you want to do is force the sale on an unqualified prospect.


#2 There`s no urgency to buy

How soon does the prospect want to fix his problem?

You`ve got to know that. If he`s wishy-washy and is not clear about the time frame, it means that you`re going to have a hard time to close the sale.

Inject some urgency into the sales conversation.

You can talk about a limited time offer, a special package or give them a discount to get them to take action now.


#3 They have little or no desire

People who lack the desire to buy, generally lack desire in solving their problems.
There`s nothing you can do here, you just have to understand that they buy what they want not what they need.

If you want their dreams more than they do… we`ve got a problem!

The best sales techniques won`t do you any good if there`s no desire.

No desire, no sale.


*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


#4 You`re trying to close people who have no money

My question to you is: why do you want to be in business selling to people who`s got no money?

Throughout the qualifying stage, you want to collect hints about their financial situation or have them fill out a form asking about their current level of income or revenue, before having them on the phone.

Perhaps you can offer them a discount or some sort of payment plan if you see that the desire is there but they`re just going through financial troubles.

You need to get to the truth and find out if money is really the issue.

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#5 They simply don`t trust you

It`s said that people most of the times buy from you because they like you.

If they like you, they will trust you!

Maybe, you don`t have enough testimonials or you`re not seen often on social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram), conferences, industry events, podcasts, interviews.

Revisit your marketing and branding strategy.

Ask yourself… what`s my reputation in the marketplace? Time to get honest!

What are you known for? Being shady, questionable or delivering outstanding service?


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Start Closing More Sales Today

As you can probably already see, closing sales doesn`t necessarily depend upon the best and latest closing techniques.

It depends on how you position your offer, how the marketplace sees you and how relevant your service is to that particular prospect.

Knowing how to close is a skill you have to master and it all starts even before you saying a single word.