Ever wondered why you keep attending sales seminars, reading sales books and never seem to get the results you want?

You study all the lines, you even have what you call the “perfect script” for any situation but you never get to sales greatness.

You see, closing sales, particularly high ticket sales is not about the script, the lines, doing push-ups before the call to get pumped up and excited or even having the best sales strategy.

It`s about your mindset.

If you`re struggling with closing, perhaps you have some of these 3 mental blocks holding you back.


A master salesman is master of others because is master of himself. - Napolean Hill Click To Tweet


At the end of each section, I`ll give action steps you can take to turn around these beliefs and get you on the path to closing success. As you read, you`ll begin to see that this content is a bit different from most sales articles out there.

You know the old adage. Knowledge is power, right? Wrong!

It is only power when implemented.

The marketplace doesn`t care about what you know, it cares about how fast you can implement. So, without further ado, let`s kick this off.


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Number I – Lack Of Self Worth

You feel like you don`t deserve success, recognition and the fortune that being a top closer brings.

You’ve been brainwashed by the media, schools and your parents to stay small, to not stand out or even strive to reach your potential.

I don`t know about you but my parents never taught me a thing about success. I had to go out and learn about it.

Negative self-talk is your biggest enemy, really.
The people you hang around with, the content you consume, the places you visit, all of these contribute to the way your mind is programmed.

When you`re trying to close a sale, you bring all of that programming with you, to the call, to the meeting, etc.


Closing is a direct reflexion of what`s going on in the inside. Click To Tweet


If you`re on the phone asking for big money and you have any limiting belief about your self-worth, the prospect will sense it.
They`ll bully you and come up with some weird objection you never heard of. You can`t hide, your tonality will bring the issue to the surface.

Action steps:

  • List out all the lies you`re telling yourself and cross them all, one at the time with a red marker
  • Take an inventory of your life and write down the people that support your dream on the left and the ones that don`t, on the right. Slowly step away from the people that don`t support you.
  • Stop watching the news and consuming negativity
  • Set up alarms in your phone throughout the day with notes like “I`m a master closer”, “I`m worth $100 million”, “I`m the best at what I do” or “I own a private jet!”


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Number II – You Don`t Believe In Your Product

Let me ask you this… why would you want to be in business selling something you don`t believe in?

Move on. Go work for a different company, change your product or job title.

The reason you can`t close anything is that when is time to get the prospect to commit, you let them sell you on their excuses. When you lack certainty about the outcomes of your solution, you get sold on their ideas. Sell or be sold, baby! 😀

You get a “maybe, I`ll call you back” or “let me think about it” and then you make matters worse by throwing in a 1960`s rusty closing technique in hopes that they`ll buy.

Come on, let`s keep it real!

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You can have the worst techniques in the world with certainty, conviction, clarity and you`d still do very well. Mix excellent technique with the wrong mindset and you`ll end up with a disaster, a catastrophe.

That`s why most sales training is garbage. It`s not about the techniques or the lines, it`s about changing who you are.

Action steps:

  • Write down every outcome that your product or service provides
  • Sit down and ask yourself… “would I take my mom through this program or have her buy this service?” – if the answer is no, then you really know you don`t believe in it.
  • Watch or read every testimonial given by your prospects, pay attention to the transformation they went through, if there was any at all


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Number III – Negative Associations With Money

Again, this comes from your upbringing.
Chance are that your parents are not rich, your teachers are dead broke and you`re used to seeing the media constantly promoting negativity towards wealthy people.

So, how can you ever have the guts to ask for big money to a stranger? Oh, by the way… were you told not to talk to strangers? Welcome to the club. 😉

It seems counterproductive but many salespeople are still afraid to talk to strangers. No wonder why they miss quotas.

The amount of money you make is in direct proportion of how many strangers you contact on a daily basis.

You probably already know that!


Negative self-talk is your biggest enemy, really. Click To Tweet


You`re never going to close a $20 000 package with negative associations with money and rich people.

Your subconscious mind will make sure that you say something stupid right before the prospect gives you their credit card number.

Believe me, I`ve been there, it`s not pleasant! What you want to do is condition your mind to success. Performing sort of a little trick to get your brain to believe that you deserve wealth and prosperity.

Action steps: 

  • Start dressing in a suit every day
  • Stay in the best hotel once a month
  • Have a dream car? Go test drive it! Have a dream house? Go see it, touch it!
  • Study biographies of wealthy people (Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford)

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In case you`ve missed something…

The bottom line is closing is a direct reflexion of what`s going on in the inside.

Yes, inside of you!

Your inner world creates your outer world, nothing new here. You can`t change your sales results without first changing who you are.

In order to influence others to commit to your solution, you first have to commit to yourself. You have to commit to your success.

Make it your duty, obligation and responsibility.

The moment you start looking within and take responsibility instead of searching for the next, best, hot closing technique, blaming the economy or the prospect, your life changes.

I promise you that!