If you do a search online, you`ll probably find a lot of articles talking about specific techniques you can use to close more sales.

Don`t get me wrong, there`s some great information out there about the subject.
But have you ever asked yourself if those closing techniques really apply to high ticket sales?

Or how about this one…

Are those techniques viable to get one call closes?

Well, the answer is most of them don`t these requirements!

Every high ticket closer knows this…

… selling premium offers has less to do with techniques but rather how well you understand yourself, your product and your prospect.

In this post, I`m going to show you why most traditional closing techniques don`t work when selling a premium and reveal one powerful alternative you can use to start closing more deals, today.


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Closing Techniques And The 21st Century Prospect

We can both agree that today`s buyers are savvier than ever and chances are that when they book a call or discovery session with you, they already did most of their research.

They know who you are, what you offer and may or may not know your prices.

When you sell high ticket you tend to attract a different type of buyer persona into your funnel, usually, people that are willing to pay a premium for valuable results.

These are a different breed of prospects because they buy based on feelings and outcomes not on features and benefits.
They`re looking for transformations, not quick fixes.

Your approach to selling must be different as well, therefore you need to be everything but traditional.

Think about how you buy…

How many reviews do you see online before making a decision to purchase something?


It doesn`t matter you having the best closing techniques, if you approach any selling situation without doing your research on the prospect, without intimately knowing your service and the outcomes it provides, you`re dead in the water.

Knowing your stuff is just a given!

Your goal should be to give the prospect new perspectives of their problems and a good reason for them to not stay in the status quo.

Human beings don`t like to change and it`s your job to show them that change can be the best thing that has ever happened to them.


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Traditional Closing Techniques We Both Know

Some of these techniques are so overused that when your prospects hear them, they immediately get turned off.
It doesn`t matter if you`re selling over the phone or face to face.

Want to sell low dollar items?

They still work, as you`ll see in a few seconds.

On the other hand, you have almost zero chances of closing high ticket sales using any pushy, hard selling type of approaches.

Let`s take a look at some of these commonly used closes:

  • Assumptive close: “when would you like to get the product delivered, sir?”
  • Alternative close: “do you prefer it in black or red?”
  • Last chance close: “if you don`t buy now, tomorrow will be more expensive…”
  • Order close: “I`m just gonna fill out this form so we can get started” (without the prospect saying yes)

Now, this might have made sense in 1960, would you agree?

Because they have been used for so long, prospects can sense when someone is trying to pull them off.


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A Revealing Study About Closing Techniques

Here`s an insight into why traditional sales closing techniques fall flat in this modern age…

Neil Rackham, a well-known sales expert, as part of a *million dollar research, conducted a study where he and his team analyzed 190 calls in a large office equipment corporation.

From these, he took 30 where sellers had closed more often and compared their success to another set of 30 calls where the sellers had closed the least.

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The image on the left shows the difference in success rate when closing techniques were used vs not used.

As you can see, when closing techniques were applied 5 times, the percentage of calls leading to a sale was lower than when the same techniques were applied only 1 time per call.

The author also concluded that although these techniques might work in low ticket sales, they lose effectiveness when it comes to high dollar offers.


This is where understanding who you`re selling to is so crucial. You`ll have a hard time closing a high dollar deal when applying traditional “gimmicks.”

Here are a few problems you encounter when you apply traditional techniques to close high ticket sales:

  • Traditional closing techniques don`t land well with sophisticated buyers
  • The prospect feels like it`s not their decision to move forward resulting in an increase in refund rates
  • People sense they`re being sold, raising the possibility of you getting objections
  • Your chances of a one call close are reduced drastically when too much pressure is applied

Closing over the phone or face to face is a skill and it has so many variables.

The way you position yourself, the way you set up the call, your tonality, your mindset and your ability to connect with the prospect are other variables to consider.

The closing lines represent only a small part of what it takes to be successful with high ticket sales.

In fact, connecting with the prospect is the most important of all.


How To Close More High Ticket Sales

Here`s the golden rule when it comes to closing high ticket sales…

… do not sound like a typical salesperson.

The minute you throw in an alternative close or an old-fashion assumption close, you lost them. Their subconscious mind goes “oh no, he got me!”

The prospect gets defensive, you get objections and lose the sale.


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How do you become a great high ticket sales closer?


Don`t sell!

Be your prospects` guide and remove any attachment from the outcome. Closing is not about you, it`s about them.

An example of a non-traditional close is… “so, Mr. prospect, where would you like to go from here?”

This is a great question because leads him to a decision that he feels like it was his.

He feels good about the purchase and dramatically reduces the chances of you getting an email the next day saying that something came up.

Remember, people hate to be sold but they love to buy.

This is a fundamental rule in high ticket closing.

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The Best Closing Techniques Don`t Work Unless You Do

As I said in the beginning, the best closing lines won`t do you any good unless you fix your mindset first. Your success in sales as a closer, as an entrepreneur doesn`t depend on what you say.

It depends on how you say it.

Your subconscious programming has a tremendous impact on your ability to close sales.

No sales training can save you if you have negative associations with money, you procrastinate and you don`t practice gratitude.

Save yourself first before trying to save the prospect.

If you just implement this one philosophy into your daily sales practices, you`ll find yourself with more money in your pocket and ultimately with more committed clients.

Did you get some new insights from this post?

Let me know in the comments below.


*Source: S.P.I.N. Selling by Neil Rackham