Listen, we both know this…

Rejection is a tough pill to swallow. Especially if you`re in sales.

Every day, you`re getting nos, people cursing at you and most of the times you just want to give up.

I know how that feels…

My first sales job was as a real estate agent in a small town where I lived and even though it was a tight community, most people didn`t know me.
I`d knock on doors all day, getting some of them slammed in the face, it was rough.

A great lesson, though!

This experience taught to be a tougher human being.

It doesn`t mean that dealing with rejection now from time to time is easier, I just became a stronger person, with a different and improved mindset.

And what I`m gonna tell you today, is how you can become someone that deals with it effectively. Because let`s face it…

As long as you live on this planet, you`ll have to deal with rejection at some point or another. The question now is… how do you do that?


Rejection is not a bogeyman, it`s a stepping stone to greatness. Click To Tweet


Find Your Why And The How Will Find You

You see, when I was knocking on doors of prospective clients who wanted to list their home and getting kicked out of apartment complexes, I didn`t like any of that sh*t.

Didn`t like cold calling people, following up or encounter someone from time to time saying “never call me back”, “it`s you again, stop bugging me” or “I`m gonna call the police!”

I pushed through because I had a why…

The day would start with a killer workout at 6 a.m. I`d work from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and at 8 p.m. I was already on the college campus.
I remember falling asleep in the classes. Around 1:00 a.m, my head was in the pillow.

I kept going because I had to pay for my tuition and all the expenses associated with studying.
Had a reason to keep going and that gave me an extra motivation to approach every day with my head up, even though I was feeling tired most of the days.


deal with rejection
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You need to find the reason why you`re doing what you`re doing. It might be different from my reason. The why is like a little candle burning inside of you that inspires you to go beyond what you think it`s possible.

If you`re in sales, ask yourself… “why am I in sales?” , “who am I doing this for?”

Answer those questions and find your reason. Rejection is only gonna be a little stone in the way when there`s a reason.
Your why might be supporting your family, giving money away to charities or just getting rich… nothing wrong with that!

It doesn`t matter what type of rejection you face, your mind will always be focused on the reasons for doing what you`re doing. When the why is there, the how will find you.

I promise you!

Everyone gets knocked down, it`s life. How long you stay on the ground is what determines your level of success.


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Massive Goals Are The Entry Door

I wish someone would`ve told me this when I got out of college. Have some massive goals, man!

Doesn`t matter how big they are… “I want a billion dollars”, “I want to be the best salesperson in the world”, “I want to be on a cover of a magazine!”

I didn`t have any goals!

Spent the first 20 years of my life like a spectator, without a sense a direction, being a victim to the outer world.

When you attach an emotional feeling to the goals you want to achieve, there`s no rejection in this world that can stop you. If you have attention on your problems, on the rejection, it means that your goals are too small.


deal with rejection
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Everybody underestimates what they can accomplish. Human beings have unlimited potential… do you know what that means?

I`m sure you do…

It means you can accomplish anything you want.

When you start putting your focus on your goals, you stop focusing on the little things that annoy you, like the bad sales call you had, the prospect that didn`t answer the phone or the door that was slammed in your face.

Sales is a mental game. It takes a certain level of emotional intelligence and persistence to come out victorious on the other end.

If you think being in sales is tough, try going into it like 99% of salespeople who don`t have a why, let alone some freaking giant goals.

Want to get in that top 1% and handle rejection like a pro?

Get you some big, juicy goals and write them down when you wake up and go to bed!


How long you stay on the ground is what determines your level of success. Click To Tweet


Improve Your Skills To Boost Your Confidence

Improving your skill set you`ll probably make the most difference in your journey to overcoming the fear of rejection in sales.

Let me share with you a little story…

My mentor was born in Hong Kong.
When he was doing copywriting and marketing consulting for clients in the U.S., he had a major rejection that transformed his life.

A gentleman called him one day to see if they could work together. After 5 minutes on the phone, everything stopped…

The gentlemen, out of nowhere says… “you know what, in only a few minutes into our conversation you gave multiple grammatical errors, how can you write copy for me? I think you`re full of sh*t!” and hung up.


deal with rejection
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Now, imagine if you were my mentor, what would be going through your mind?

You`d be hurt, frustrated and feeling like a nobody. That was exactly how he felt.
From that moment on, he made a commitment to improving his English and speaking skills so that no one would ever treat him like that again.

Today he`s the highest paid consultant in the world!

This story is meant not to impress you but to encourage you to upgrade your skills, as a sales professional, as an entrepreneur. As someone who wants to see rejection not as a bogeyman but as a stepping stone to greatness.

There`s no better confidence booster than knowing your stuff better than anyone.

(NOTE: How To Improve Your Sales Skills And Make Millions From Your Phone Without Cold Calling, Prospecting Or Working For Someone Else)


Learn How To Deal With Rejection Once And For All

Listen, there`s no magic pill!

Hopely, the strategies I`ve shared with you can encourage you to see it in a different way so that you can start creating the lifestyle you and your family desire.

The fear of rejection can be like a massive wall in front of you, whether it`s when you`re closing sales, doing prospecting or in your personal life.

It could prevent you from being your best version and have the results you deserve. I don`t want you to be starring at the wall not knowing what to do.


Get you some big, juicy goals and write them down when you wake up and go to bed! Click To Tweet


Find your why, get you some massive goals and improve your skill set and watch how much more you can accomplish.

And hey, if that doesn`t work for you… shoot me a message and I´ll give you some words of encouragement.

I`ve been there… sometimes, all people need is someone who can give them a pat on the back and say “dude, you got this, go out there and crush it!”