How nice would it be if you could double or even triple your closing ratios?

Well, it`s possible!

If you`ve been having troubles closing sales lately, then this guide will help you get on track with your goals, enroll high paying clients and make your calls a lot more enjoyable, in record time.

A discovery call is nothing more than a way for you to see if the prospect is the right fit for what you`re offering.

It is part of your sales strategy and one you should pay close attention to.

The last thing you want is to spend all this money on ads, energy creating content, driving traffic and end up by having a hard time converting leads into sales.

Most coaches and consultants make the mistake of selling on the call. Or even worst…

… they try to map out all the coaching strategy, sharing their best insights as if the prospect was already a client.

That is wrong!

Your discovery calls should only have one purpose: to move the prospect to the next logical step…

… working with you so you can focus on solving his or her problem.

These calls should include several stages. There`s the preparation that comes with it, what you should do during the call and what to do after it is over.

This is exactly what I`m gonna lay out for you in this post.


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Fix Your Marketing First

Now, before I go into the actual strategies, there`s something of extreme importance that I want to address.

Are you trying to fix a marketing issue by getting better at closing?

If you are, you`ll have problems!

This guide or any other guide on discovery calls won`t do anything for you unless you have a good offer and a solid marketing strategy in place.

This happens all the time…

Most coaches even try to hire closers in hopes they`ll rescue their business. They have this fantasy that if they can have a pro on the phones, all their problems will be gone.

Here`s the truth:

This guide is not a rescue operation…

… it will only serve you if your offer converts decently and your marketing message is on point.

You must have a predictable way to acquire a customer, otherwise, you`re just pretending you`re in business, that´s the reality.


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How To Prepare For A Discovery Call

If you just go into it like most people, you`re dead in the water!

In order to create sustainable results, you`ve got to nail this down. Most of the success in any discovery call will be attributed to what happens way before it takes place.

Failing to prepare will cause you troubles, I promise you! Don`t get lazy about it.

Become obsessed with preparation, it can make or break your sales call. Think about how a top athlete operates!

Do they wing it in the practice before the game, or do they go all in?

Please, pay close attention to your calls` preliminaries.


Sales Mindset For Success

I think it`s important to touch on a very sensitive point, here.

Every time we talk about discovery call success or sales success, for that matter, we need to address…

… your mindset!

The best closing techniques and sales scripts won`t do you any good if your brain is a mess and you`re full of negatives beliefs that are holding you back.

Some of them, you might not even be aware of.

Here are some of the most common mental blocks that are causing your calls to go down the toilet…


Negative Associations With Money

How can you ever have conviction selling a $10 000 package if you have negative associations with money?

You tell me!

Or even worst, not have invested that kind of money yourself. Don`t be a hypocrite!

I`m gonna get real with you here…

Your mommy and daddy told you that $1 000 is a lot of money, that it doesn`t grow on trees, that money is the root of all evil or that successful people are unhappy.

It`s ok to not know any better, but what`s not ok is letting those limiting beliefs prevent you from having the success you deserve.
Start by adopting a new mindset and study money, how it works and get rid of all the emotional baggage that`s holding you back.

There are some great books out there about the subject.
I recommend picking up a copy of Joe Vitale`s Prosperity Factor or The Trick To Money is Having Some, written by Stuart Wilde.

If you have to spend a couple of grand to upgrade your mindset, do it. It will be money well spent and your prospects will feel it.


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You`re In Survival Mode

In my opinion, this is why most start-up entrepreneurs fail (aside from a lack of business acumen), especially in the coaching industry.

The worst time you want to start a business is when you`re still struggling to pay the bills.


Because entrepreneurs tend to project their own struggles onto the prospects.

When you`re in survival mode, all you can think of is making the sale not helping the prospect. You`re coming from a place of scarcity.

Some people might disagree with me but it`s very hard to build a sustainable business coming from a place other than abundance.

Here`s another problem…

If you`re still struggling to pay the bills, what kind of clients do you think you`re most likely to attract?


Get your money problems handled and recommit to your business when you feel like you`re there to genuinely help people, without being desperate.


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Lack Of Belief In Your Service

This is another discovery call killer.

You simply don`t believe in the transformation your prospects are going to get when they sign up with you.

Where does this come from?

From a lack of self-worth.

You`re not certain on your abilities as a coach, as a facilitator, as a service provider and prospects can feel that, right away… you just can`t fake it.

If this is an issue for you, admit it!

It will pay off in the long run and it`s ok if you don`t have it all figured out, nobody has.

Start upgrading your skills, your mindset, maybe there`s something you don`t know. Become the expert at that one outcome and deliver that with all the conviction you have.

You don`t need to know everything, start with a specific transformation you can provide to the prospect and do that one thing better than anyone else.


You`re In Justifying Mode

While survival mode meant being desperate for the sale, justifying mode means you`re convincing the prospect.

This is what typical salespeople do and entrepreneurs who don`t know any better…

“Oh, let me show how great we are, can`t you see this product is gonna solve all your problems?”

“Great, awesome… today is your lucky day sir, you`re gonna love this program!”

“We do this, we install that, you`re gonna get this, we`re the best, we`ve been around for decades…”

Who cares?

Here`s the reality of selling high ticket services

The minute you start justifying your value, sounding and acting like a typical salesperson, you lost the sale.
The prospect will perceive you as just another snake oil, pushy, “yack”, “used car salesman.”

Most of society has negative associations with salespeople.

People hate to be sold but they love to buy. Your job is to make the prospect feel like it was his decision to move forward.
When it`s his decision to do business with you, the sale sticks and he`s a more committed client because he wasn`t pushed to make a decision.

Stop being a feature pusher and start operating like a value adder and watch how much more sales you close.


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Implementing Your Sales Call Strategy

Now, let`s get into the strategies you can start implementing today to improve the closing ratios of those discovery calls.
They`re easy to follow and can have a massive impact on your results yet very few people do it.

Sometimes, the most simple improvements are the ones that everybody neglects.

So, what should you do before the call?


Do Your Research

Before you get on the phone, you want to make sure you take a look at your prospect`s social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram), websites or publications.

This will be a game changer!

A study was done on a medical practice, where researchers found that radiologists who saw pictures of the patients attached to their scans were more likely to review their cases in detail and uncover other related diseases compared to the patients that didn`t have any picture.

Empathy played a huge role here.

Just by looking at their pictures, you can massively improve your familiarity with them.

And most importantly…

… once you`re on the phone, your brain will remember their face, thus increasing your chances of connecting with your prospect.
You become more empathetic, so to speak.

Connection is the holy grail of closing calls. You`re not empathetic, you can`t connect, you can`t close!


Send Value Before The Call

What I like to do before the call is to send a video via email, an SMS or a text message on social media with some value related to what we`re gonna talk about.

It could be a video of one of my client`s talks on stage, a blog post and other resources that may be helpful to the prospect.

The key here is familiarizing the prospect with your brand.

It`s just another touch point you can leverage to show them that you care, that you`re interested in genuinely helping them.

People come into discovery calls thinking they`re going to be sold to, in fact, they hold their poker cards close to their chest.

If you can, in a sense, reduce the friction between you and the prospect, he or she will more likely show up to the call and actually open up to you.

People love when you go the extra mile for them.


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Have The Prospect Call You

Another little trick to increase your discovery calls` success rate is to make sure the prospects book a time on your calendar and actually calls you, instead of you calling them.

On a psychological level, you become the chase, not the chaser. Positioning matters…

… especially selling high ticket!

So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of calling the prospects out of the blue without having the call as an appointment on their calendar and on the prospects calender.

My question to you is how can you get their full attention this way?

You don`t!

You`re interrupting their day, they`re not expecting you and you become a distraction.

The chances of you closing a sale calling people out of nowhere get reduced when this happens.

People get busy, they forget about their commitments, sometimes.
Once the prospect books the call on your or your team`s calendar, they`ll get reminders before the call.

It also gives a lot more control over your schedule and it`s super easy to reschedule, if necessary, using any kind of booking software.


Handle The No Shows Like A Pro

No shows suck! But they happen 30 to 40% of the time.

For every 10 calls that are booked on your calendar, expect a no show rate of about 3 or 4. It`s normal.

There`s a couple of things, though, you can do to lower that number…

  • Give a 10-minute window before quitting on the call, if the prospect doesn`t show up
  • After that, send an SMS saying that you had a call booked for this time and wanted to see if everything is ok with him
  • If you don`t get a response, try the same method with Facebook and Linkedin

Still, if he doesn`t respond, send an email saying something like this…

“Hey John, we had a call booked to discuss X and wanted to reach out to let you know there are still a few spots available in my calendar.
I`m open to rescheduling if this is still important to you. 
To do so click here [link to booking calendar]”

From there, they can either reschedule or simply ignore.
I like to wait a few days before sending a follow-up message and if I don`t hear back, it means they`re not that serious.

Remember this…

The last thing you want to do is to come across as desperate. The prospect needs you more than you need them.

He`s got the problem, you have the solution. He can keep his problem and his money!


Pre-Discovery Call Checklist

Before jumping on any discovery call make sure you follow these simple steps:

  1. Be in a quiet space, without any distractions
  2. Put your full attention on the phone
  3. Use a headset for improved communication
  4. Close the computer, so it doesn`t become a distraction
  5. Pull out a notebook to take notes during the call


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What To Do During Your Discovery Call

Now that you have the pre-call dialed in, let`s move our attention to what you should be doing during the call.
Let`s no ruin your call strategy by neglecting this part.

This is where what you say, how you say and why you say it matters.

Now we`re playing with valuables such as tonality, energy, speed and even environment, as you saw on the checklist.

We`re gonna get tactical here…


How To Structure A Discovery Call

First, you want to set up the expectations letting your prospect know why you`re on the call and that you`re gonna ask a few questions to understand if what you have going on is a good fit for him.

The next logical step is to understand his motivations and needs, basically why he booked the call and what`s really going on in his world.
Your goal here to understand his pains, desires and how urgent it is for him to fix the problem.

If the prospect doesn`t have any desire or is acting like a victim, disqualify him and get off the phone.

Later in the call, your job is to connect the dots. Bridging the gap between what he wants to accomplish and the outcome of your solution.
Outcome, not features and benefits.

Mirror his language, using the notes you took so far and move into the money stage.

The last part of the call is about getting a commitment and seal the deal. I repeat, you must get a commitment, even if it`s just a small deposit.

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Discovery Call Questions

Your ability to ask great questions will determine your success when closing sales. Questions are the answers.

Your tonality, the speed of your voice, your energy, all of that has an impact on your discovery calls` outcome.
Another relevant aspect when it comes to asking great closing questions is understanding the prospect`s personality type.

Their type of personality will help you to know how to adjust your communication style to your prospect`s preferred way of communicating.

Again, we`re looking for little tricks to increase our chances of success.

Here`s a list of questions that will help you understand a little bit better what I`ve shared with you so far…


Setting The Expectations

“So, Mr. Prospect… what I`d like to do is ask you a couple of questions to really understand what you`re looking for and see if what we have going on is a good fit or not, sounds good?”

“I wanted to let you know that I`m gonna ask you a few questions, get to know you a little bit better and at the end, if we see that this is the right fit, I can go a little deeper and show you what we`ve got going on, how does that sound?”



“John, can you tell me why that is so important to you, right now…”

“I see, what were you doing before starting your business?”

“Mary, help me out here… what did you mean when you said X?”


Connecting The Dots

“You told me you wanted to make an extra $5 000 a month, let`s say we`re able to help you get there, how would you feel?”

“Mary, I want you to imagine yourself getting your business past the million dollar mark. Who else could benefit from this transformation?”

“John, where do you see yourself 6 months from now… would you still be in your current job or moving on to something else?”


Getting A Commitment

“$50 000 is a lot of money for the average person, are you comfortable with these numbers?”

“Let`s say we`re able to increase your Facebook Ads` ROI from 5% to 18%, do you have a budget set aside to pay someone to help you accomplish that?”

And my favorite…

“So John, where should we go from here?”


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Handling Objections

Learning how to handle sales objections is pretty much learning how to play with resistance.

They are a sign that you did something wrong during the call, that the prospect is scared to make a change or he`s just trying to test you.

No one goes to the doctor because they feel like it, people don`t have time for that.

People jump on discovery calls because there`s a problem they want to solve, there`s something going on in their lives or business that`s bothering them.

Your role as a salesperson, as a closer is to challenge the status quo and make them see the light.

Here are some of the most common objections and how to handle them…


Objection 1

Prospect: “This is just too expensive!”

You: “It is… I`m curious, why do you think people pay us this kind of money?”


Objection 2

Prospect: “There are a lot of courses out there, why should I go with this?”

You: “Millions of courses out there, in fact… so why didn`t you choose those courses, instead?”


Objection 3

Prospect: “Do you guys have any guarantee that this is gonna work?”

You: “Maybe it won`t work… what kind of guarantee are you looking for?”


Objection 4

Prospect: “Is it possible to get a refund?”

You: “John, you`re already thinking about going out even before you`re in! This doesn`t sound like a very good fit. Should we get off the phone?”


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Don`t Play The Lie Game

Remember that it is a must to cut through the clutter and get down to what is really holding the prospect back.
Prospects lie… all the time.

Their objections may not be the real issue.

They may tell you…

“You know, if there was a guarantee, I would take a chance on this!”

If you dig a little deeper and ask…

“Suppose we can give a guarantee, what would happen next?”

And the prospect might say…

“Well, then I`d need to talk to my wife!” 

You see? It`s not about the damn guarantee. Even if you give him a guarantee, he still wouldn`t move forward.

Don`t let them BS you, find the truth. 

Sometimes, you`ve got to dig deep to get to the core of the problem and that means asking just a few more questions.

You can even ask, depending on the situation…

“John, let`s just be friends here… what`s going on, man?”

Don`t be afraid to ask the hard questions and be direct, it`s better to know the truth and jump on a second call than to lose the sale without knowing why.


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Post-Discovery Call

If you manage to close the sale and enroll the client, congratulations! If not, there might be some work to do.

The biggest single thing you can do to accelerate your results is to listen to what you said on that call, meaning you need to record yourself.

Some things may have worked, some may have not.

Get critical about your performance and really listen to your own recordings.

I know it sounds weird at first, but it`s an essential step to mastery.
Even if you want to hire someone to do your discovery calls, you must first understand what works and what doesn`t in your specific business.


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You can`t delegate what you haven`t mastered yourself and that doesn`t mean becoming an expert at it.

To improve at a faster rate, breakdown each call by parts. Look at the call structure I mentioned early and start analyzing your performance chunk by chunk.

In the next calls, try to put your focus on that specific part you want to improve and do this for the others until it becomes natural.

At first, when you learn some new techniques, you`ll sound a bit robotic… that`s ok!

As you get better, you`ll start sounding more like a real human being and your conversations will flow naturally.


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Winning At Follow Up Game

Now, in the case of you not closing the sale, there`s a simple follow up strategy you can implement to get the prospect to book another call on a later date.

Some people might not be ready at the moment, that`s ok!

You may have an email list with people that are interested in whatever it is that you`re offering.

Make sure to segment your email contacts and put the people that didn`t convert in a separate list.

These are going to be your hotter prospects because they`ve already interacted with you on the phone.

Then, you can send them relevant content with the intent of building the relationship even further and ask to book another call.

What about the ones that were not qualified?


Move on.

Don`t waste your time with people that are never going to buy from you.


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A High Ticket Closer™ can make your job easier by doing this work for you, segmenting your contacts in his own CRM system and following up with people that had previously been on the phone, were qualified but didn`t convert for some reason.

Most email service providers integrate with pretty much any CRM, so it`s easy to keep track of what`s going on between email marketing and sales.

Implementing your follow up strategy:

  • Put the prospects that were qualified but didn`t convert on the call in a separate list
  • Send value immediately after the discovery call (a piece of content based on what you`ve discussed)
  • Use the notes you collected on the phone to send relevant follow-up emails
  • Send your next follow up email a week after the call (a personalized video)
  • Use a multi-channel approach to follow up (email, SMS, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, handwritten letter, gift, event invitation)
  • Experiment influencing their buying process with remarketing, using extremely relevant ads (advanced)

I don`t recommend following up every day, it comes across too desperate. The optimal frequency after the discovery call, assuming they`re qualified is once a week.

With the rest of your leads, use the approach that you find works best for your business.


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Steps To Discovery Call Mastery

Mastering closing calls is an art. Like any other art, it requires a set of principals to follow in order for you to succeed at it.
Hopefully, I was able to give you some new insights that can help you get better at converting prospects into high paying customers.

As I said in the beginning, your marketing is a fundamental piece in this equation. Get that dialed in and the prospects will almost close themselves.

Let`s now recap and condense everything we`ve talked about…

  • Get rid of negative associations with money
  • Come from a place of abundance
  • Upgrade your skills
  • Do the research on the prospect
  • Lead with value
  • Let them call you not the other way around
  • Hand the no-shows using a multi-channel approach
  • Have a clear structure for your discovery call
  • Get to the truth when handling objections
  • Record your sales calls and be critical about your performance
  • Segment your list to stay in touch with the most qualified prospects
  • Don`t be desperate in the follow-up
  • Never rely on only one channel of communication

Follow these principles and I promised you that your conversions will improve.

Before, you were closing 1 out 10, now you`ll be closing 3,4 even 5 out of 10. Maybe, even more, who knows.

We both know this…

Even though closing ratios are important, they`re not the most important metric in a business.

Retention rates are what we`re aiming for.

High retention rates and low refund rates!

At the end of the day, all you want is committed clients, who pay you well and are a joy to work with, not people that ask for a refund the next day or week.

By following these principals, not only you`ll close more prospects but you`ll also enroll better and more committed clients.

Did you find this guide useful?

Let me know in the comments below or share it with a friend.