Are you tired of discovery sessions that go nowhere?

What about prospects that back out from a sale the next day?

Good, because we`re gonna fix it today!

In fact, I`m gonna show you exactly how to enroll more highly committed clients than ever before.
Assuming they`re already high paying, if you know what I mean!

We`re gonna talk about the most important metrics in any coaching discovery call, no matter the target audience and how they impact your sales.

The article will breakdown each metric in detail but first, let`s go over the importance that each one has in your overall sales strategy

  • No show rates: they are in essence a bottom of the funnel metric and can massively impact your revenue; the more people show up, the more chances you have of enrolling clients
  • Closing rates: by far the hardest metric to analyze and fix since there are so many variables that can influence the outcome of a closing call
  • Post-Close refunds: they are very easy to prevent but there`s really no guarantees for a permanent fix; are part of any business, no matter how good you offer is

This is very similar to a domino effect!

The more people show up to the calls, the more you can close and the more people you can prevent from refunding.

Obviously, with quantity, sometimes quality drops. It`s normal.

The key here is to pay attention to every metric and become obsessed about improving each one.

Now, let`s move on and explain how to improve each metric and what benchmarks you should be looking at to determine your success.


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Discovery Session Metric #1 – No Show Rate

The no show rate is one of the easiest to fix.
It simply means that someone booked a discovery session with you or your team but he decided to ghost on you.

Expect this to happen between 30 to 40% of the time, that`s the reality.

This is the first metric of the discovery session but it`s the last in your marketing funnel, as I said, making it the entry door to a deeper business relationship, if you wish.

Even though the prospects are aware of your brand and message, they still need a little bit of reassurance that what you offer is the right solution for them.

That`s why they book calls, people don`t fill your calendar because they feel like… they don`t have time for that!

If the prospect books a discovery call with you, you better believe that something is bothering him.

And sometimes, they`re their own worst enemy.
When we talk about 5, 10, $20 000 investments, we quickly realize that there`s a lot of fear and uncertainty that goes on in their mind.

Prospects generally want to stay in the status quo and sometimes decide to not show up.

Your job as a guide, a coach, a closer is to deliver the one thing every prospect needs the most…

… and that is certainty!

So, why don`t people show up when they book a call with you?

For two simple reasons:

  • They`re afraid to be sold to
  • It`s not really that important

And how do we fix this?


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The Multi-Channel Hit

The easy solution for this is the multichannel approach as I call it.
You want to “hit” the prospect in every angle possible so they can book another time or simply say “I moved on, I`m not interested anymore!”

Imagine this scenario:

10 minutes have passed and nobody called you. No problem!

Here`s what you do…

Send the prospect an SMS saying that you had a call booked at this time and wanted to see if everything is ok with him.

He doesn`t respond within a few minutes. No worries!

Try to call him every 2 minutes, 3 to 5 attempts.


Send an email, saying pretty much the same thing as in the SMS, but this time with your booking link and give him 24 hours to reschedule.


Leverage Social Media

24 hours have passed and you still didn`t hear from him…

Hit him on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram with a message similar to this:

“Hey John, our bookings are filling up fast and wanted to send you the booking link again for you to reschedule another call if this is still important to you.”

This approach doesn`t guarantee that he will show up again, but a big part of it is within your control.

There`s a lot of things that can go wrong…

The prospect may have forgotten about the call, had an emergency or he`s simply not interested in the offer anymore.

That`s ok but at least you want to do your best to find out what`s going on.

No show rate benchmark: if 8 out of every 10 prospects that book a discovery call show up, you`re doing pretty good.


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Discovery Session Metric #2 – Closing Rate

Most of your success on those discovery calls will come from what you do before the call.
Sure, it helps if you`re a good closer but most of the heavy lifting is done before you even say a single a word.

It`s called pre-framing or positioning!

That doesn`t mean we shouldn`t focus on improving our closing rate, which is related to what happens during the session.

If prospects come into the call pre-sold it`s easier to enroll them. This has to do, mainly with the way you do your marketing.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs approach sales consultants or high ticket closers, with a quick fix mentality, looking for someone to save them.

Here`s the reality:

If your offer doesn`t convert, you don`t have a predictable way to acquire a customer and your marketing message is weak, no sales expert is gonna turn your business around.

You`ve got to have a good, solid base.

Assuming that your marketing is on point, here`s a list of DO`s that can help you increase the enrollment ratios:

  • Structure your discovery call properly
  • Make sure you`re in a quiet environment (no calls at Starbucks)
  • Take notes during the session (pen and paper)
  • Listen with intent and ask questions that lead to their personal pains
  • Mirror their language (if they say revenue, don`t say profit)
  • Look for patterns in their language (ie: “I`m interested, “I was looking”, “I want”, “I need”, “I`m frustrated)
  • Find their emotional triggers (ie: feeling like a bad parent because he spends too much time in the business and the son sees him as a stranger)
  • Discover their personality types
  • Disqualify victim mode and dead-broke prospects (prevents refunds)
  • Take a consultative approach to these calls
  • Get a commitment no matter what (even if it`s just a small deposit)
  • Offer payment plans if the prospect is really committed to making the leap
  • Push outcomes, not features and benefits
  • Partner up with a High Ticket Closer™ to help you craft a high converting closing strategy

If you don`t follow a structure, unless you`re a superstar closer, you`re not gonna make it!

Remember that the enrollment part is just a little cog in a massive wheel, called business.

I`ve done an in-depth guide on discovery call success that breaks down every part of the call and shows you what to do in every stage.


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Connection Is The Holy Grail

I`m not talking about pleasing the prospect here or talking about the weather… is this the weather report?

That`s not the goal!

Your goal should be connecting with him at a deep emotional level and understand what`s really holding the prospect back.
And you can only do this by listening.

Not thinking about what you`re gonna do for dinner or the hate message that pissed you off on social media.
I`m telling you this because I`ve gone through it myself.

I`ve made those mistakes, in fact, every mistake you can think of. But I was aware of them.

The prospect was talking, I would be in dreamland and then wondering why I couldn`t close the sale.

Listening with intent is by far the most difficult skill to master. Basically, it means being present in the moment.

The best technique I can give you is once the prospect finishes talking, you count until 3 to answer back or ask a question.

Sometimes, he stops talking, you wait a bit and then he continues with his thought process without you saying anything.

It`s crazy!

The small pause will give your brain enough time to catch up and ask a great question. You just can`t ask great questions when you`re reactive.

Closing rate benchmark: if you`re closing 5 out of every 10 prospects, congratulations!


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Discovery Session Metric #3 – Post-Close Refunds

Refunds suck… they do!

But do you know what sucks even more?

Letting go the opportunity of changing someone`s life or business.

That`s why traditional, pushy, BS, “car salesman” closing techniques don`t work anymore. The main reason why you get refunds after closing the sale on the phone is this…

You`re pushing the prospect to make a decision.

What you should be doing instead is making him feel like it was his decision to move forward by asking the right questions at the right time.

People hate to be sold but they love to buy, you know this!


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Let The Prospect Close Himself

When it`s not the prospect`s decision to do business with you, he doesn`t feel good about the purchase and you get an email the next day saying that something came up!

The sale doesn`t stick and your refund rates will tell you the truth.

A little trick to prevent the prospect from backing out after they`ve committed to the sale is throwing this line at the end…

“John, you`re not gonna call me tomorrow and say you changed your mind, are you?”

Be careful using this, though. Highly committed prospects may get pissed off when you ask them that question.
Do it in situations where you feel like they are going to have second thoughts or they`re going through some financial worries.

Now, it becomes harder for him to say he wants a refund.
By doing so, the prospect will experience what we call cognitive dissonance, an uncomfortable feeling associated with the conflict between thoughts or ideas.

They would look stupid sending you an email the next day saying that something came up.

Human beings like to stay consistent with which they believe in.

Very powerful technique!

Does this guarantee that he won`t back out?

Of course not but again, if it`s within your control to make the sale stick, use every tool you have.

Picture this…

I`m going to the battlefield… but no, I`m only gonna use 5 bullets and a knife, that`s it. Let`s roll!

No, every little advantage you can have, counts.

Refunds benchmark: as low as possible!


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Discovery Call Success

What I would recommend for you is to start analyzing each metric as a whole at first but implementing your changes one at the time.

This will prevent you from losing track of what`s working and what`s not.

Let`s say you want to improve your show rate.
Look at how many people are booking calls with you and how many have shown up in the last month.

From there, all you have to do is start implementing the strategies I shared with you about discovery call metric #1.

Once you get results with it, move on to the next metric you want to improve.

The discovery call is the line between someone being a prospect and client. It`s what separates you from making no money and enrolling a paying client.

So make sure to pay close attention to the metrics, work on improving them step by step and I promise you that you`ll start seeing some different results.

Meaning, more prospects showing up, more high ticket clients enrolled and fewer refunds.

Let me know in the comments…

… what discovery session metric are you gonna fix first?