If you ask any professional salesperson or entrepreneur, what is the one thing they`d like to know more about, the answer oftentimes is…

“I want to know how to handle sales objections.”

I get it… you want to handle!

But what if I can show you a way to prevent them?

People have what you want and it`s your job to navigate through their BS and get a commitment, whether that`s closing your potential investors to lend you money, your sweetheart to marry you or simply get an increase on the commission check.

All of that is possible, would you agree?

So, let`s make that possible for you!


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The Truth About Handling Objections

Am I saying that you`ll never get objections after reading this post?

Of course not!

Prospects will always find ways to get themselves out of a sale and there`s no way you`ll ever get rid of them.

Am I saying that this post is the magic pill to solve all your problems and by preventing objections you`ll become a sales superman?

Hell no!

Becoming a great salesperson requires a lot more than just making the prospect say yes, or even better, turning a NO into a YES.

And if you`re thinking that you`re not a salesperson because you have a business and you`re no longer on the phones or on the field… think twice!


Why You`re Getting Sales Objections

I know you want to get down to business… just slow down!

More than learning how to handle objections effectively, you must first know why you`re getting them. And the reasons might not be the ones you`re thinking about.

You`ve got to understand why prospects say certain things and why they react in certain ways.

I can give you the best lines but if you don`t know why you`re saying the line, you`ll just sound like a lost bird on your sales encounters.

Have you noticed that you always get the same objections? Do you know why?

Flash news:

Because they`re the same ones you have when you buy!

You`ve to get rid of your old limiting beliefs, stop hoping and start preparing like a top performer.
This is the only way you`re gonna have more confidence and be able to handle any sales objection, at any time from anyone.


*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


You`re Not Listening

This might be why you`re creating a wall between you and your prospects and getting objections:

You`re just not listening, man!

When this happens, the prospect can feel it immediately because you start asking the same questions over and over again.
They get pissed off and throw at you a “let me think about it” to get you off the call as fast as possible.

Practice your listening skills.
When someone says something, count until 3 to answer back. This will give your brain time to catch up and ask the next question.

Don`t be reactive!

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Bad Positioning

If your prospects are not scheduling calls in your calendar and they`re not calling you instead of you calling them, then something needs to change.

When you call them out the blue, they`re not expecting you. All the sudden, you become an interruption and this drastically raises your chances of getting objections.

Have them book a time with you.

You`ll have more control over your schedule and find yourself not wasting time calling in and nobody answering. If they don`t show up… good!

At least now you know they`re not that serious.

Move on.


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Who Are You?

They don`t know you, period.

The prospect checks your website and there are no testimonials. You`re not posting on social media and you have a bad reputation in the marketplace.

How can they ever trust you?

Nobody knows you, nobody flows you, is that simple. You`ve got to be seen as the expert in your field, stop chasing clients.
Trustability is a determining factor in sales but likeability is even more determining.


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You Talk Too Much

This is not 1964! Prospects don`t need lectures, they need answers.

Nowadays, they can find any information they want about your product.
If you`re doing most of the talking on any sales call, you`re chances of getting objections just go through the roof.

Ask great questions, be interested in their problems. You should be doing less than 20% of the talking.

Act like a professional who is there to solve a problem, much like a doctor.


You Mention The Price Without Knowing Their Needs

If you`re not listening nor asking questions, you`ll fall into the temptation of justifying your services and mentioning the price… usually too early or too late.

Prospects need to feel the pain, if there`s no pain you make no sale, it`s as simple as that.

When you ask great questions, you know exactly what are their pain points, their situation, their dreams and most importantly, you know when is the right time to mention the price.


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You Don`t Give A Sh*t About The Prospect

Just admit it…

… you`re just after the sale or the commission.

I`ve got bad news for you… you`re gonna have a hard time closing sales.

Ask yourself these questions before learning how to handle objections:

  • “Do I deeply care about the prospect?”
  • “Am I being genuine about helping this person?”
  • “Am I connecting at an emotional level in my prospect?”

If you can`t answer yes to those questions, it`s time for you to take some empathy tests! I mean it.


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You Sound Like A 1970s Car Salesman

Probably the number one reason why you get objections is because you sound like a typical, pushy, slimy, crook, “yack” salesperson.

People don`t like to be sold but they love to buy.

Traditional, old schools sales tactics and closing techniques are overused and most don`t work in today`s everchanging sales world.
They certainly fall flat when closing high ticket sales.

Do you want a simple way to get the same results that everybody else is getting? Act, sound and talk like a typical salesperson.

How do you become a great salesperson?

Don`t sell, lead!


People have what you want and it`s your job to navigate through their BS and get a commitment. Click To Tweet


How To Handle Objections In Sales Like A Pro

Tonality also plays a huge role in overcoming objections, the way you say something is more important than what you say.

Most of the times, you project your own insecurities, your limiting beliefs about money and rich people to your prospects.
Start working on your mindset if you want to operate at a high level.
Read about emotional intelligence!

Remember, sales is a transfer of feelings and objections are just a small piece of the big ecosystem.


Here are some of the most common objections:

1 – “It sounds good man, but let me think about it”

2 – “You know… send me more information”

3 – “Your prices are ridiculous, you`re just too expensive”

4 – “Since there are no guarantees, I won`t take the chance!”


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Here`s how you can turn a “no” or “maybe” into a “yes”:

1 – “Mr. Prospect, can we just be friends here? It`s a no isn`t?”

2 – “What kind of information are you looking for?”

3 – “They are… super ridiculous, in fact. I`m curious, why do you think people pay us this kind of money?”

4 – “Humm… what kind of guarantees are you looking for?”


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Advanced Tip #1 To Handle Objections

Turn the objection into a commitment…

Prospect: “What kind of guarantees can you give me that this is gonna work?”

You: “Probably it`s not gonna work… let me ask you, let`s say I can give you a guarantee, what would happen next?”

Prospect: “Then we would move forward!”

He already said that he wants to do the deal.
The key here is to find out if he`s not willing to move forward because of the guarantee or something else. You need to find that out, get to the truth.


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Advanced Tip #2 To Handle Objections

Prevent objections from coming out…

At the begging of your call, you can set the expectations and lead the prospect through the discovery phase by saying this…

You: “Mr. Prospect, I`d like to ask you a few questions to really understand whether or not you`re comfortable with the way we work. Does that sound fair?”

Prospect: “Sure!”

You: “Ok. So, with that in mind, I wanted to let you know that at the end of this call there are 3 things you can say to me… one is yes, and that`s good, it means we`re gonna solve your problem.
Two, you can say no, and that`s totally fine and the third thing you can say but I don`t want you to say is… let me think about it. Because when people say that, what they really mean is a no! Can we agree that at the end of our call you`re gonna say yes or no?”

Prospect: “That`s ok.”

Right there, you`ve established yourself as the authority, you showed the prospect that you`re not attached and that is perfectly ok if you don`t do business.

By using this technique in the beginning, it`s gonna be very awkward for the prospect to say “let me think about it” at the end.

The human brain is programmed to remain consistent with previous thoughts and actions.

By throwing that objection at you at the end, after agreeing that he won`t do it, the prospect is violating the consistency factor of the brain creating something called cognitive dissonance (discomfort caused by contradictory beliefs).

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The Road To Objection Handling Mastery

I hope you already have a basic understanding of why you get sales objections and what you can start doing to handle some of those and close more sales.
It`s one of my favorite topics to talk about.

I love objections! 😁

Sometimes they are an indicator that the prospect is serious and wants to do business with you, but there`s something holding him back.

You must be the leader and show him what`s possible.

And you already know this…

Taking what you`ve learned and implement it is the only way to get results. Practice some of these tactics and use them in the real world.

What new insights did you get from this post?

Let me know in the comments.