What if there was a way to attract not only high ticket clients on demand but highly committed clients?

There is!

And it`s not that complicated. The title says “with ease”, so I guess you`re in the right place.

But here`s the warning…

… I`m probably gonna say some things you don`t like. Keeping it real, as always!

I`ll breakdown for you some advanced psychological strategies and things you can implement today to help you attract high-end clients, that pay you well and are a joy to work with.

The following strategies will accomplish just that:

Now that I gave you an overview of what we`re gonna cover, let`s dive straight into the specifics and show you how high ticket client attraction is done.


Become A High Ticket Client Yourself

You`d be surprised to see how many coaches are trying to sell high ticket offers without even having bought one themselves.

If you don`t know what`s like to invest at that level, how do you think you`re gonna convince someone to buy from you?

Please don`t be a hypocrite!

I can tell you one thing…

… if don`t know what`s like to invest $10 000 in yourself don`t expect others to buy your $10 000 coaching package.
You can even fake it in front of the prospect, they`ll know.


A master salesman is master of others because he is master of himself. - Napoleon Hill Click To Tweet


Close Yourself First

When you`re on the phone, your tonality will give it away, when you’re selling face to face, your body language will give it away.
It all happens on a subconscious level.

It`s not just about charging more money, it`s about knowing exactly how it feels to invest at the level you want to charge.

Very, very hard to attract high ticket clients with limiting beliefs about money or without having invested that kind of money yourself.

You can only influence someone at a high level after mastering yourself and mastering yourself means living and breathing high ticket.


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Charge Per Value Not Time

Let`s face it…

there`s no way you can change someone`s life or business over a 45 minute Skype call.

It`s impossible to fix all their problems over lunch or coffee either.

Charging per hour puts you in the category of “me-too” kind of business. You`re seen as a commodity and people end up not appreciating your expertise.

Even worst are the clients you attract, people who are desperate, looking for the magic pill.

You`re not selling transformation, you`re just going for the band-aid approach. These “quick fix” approaches are what give the coaching industry a bad name.


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Stop With The “Quick Fixes”

Some coaches are trying to provide quick solutions to an urgent problem, without even caring about the prospect. That`s right!

Their problems, most of the times go way deeper than what they think and by using this approach, you`re making them a disservice.

Instead of trying to fix little things, why don`t you go all in solving your prospect`s problems?

And if you go all in, they will go all in and you can charge a premium.


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Make Your Offer Simple

“I have 120 Facebook ads running at the same time, I`ve got 4 packages, at 3, 4, 6 and $10 000 each with a different payment option, 6 low ticket offers, ranging from $29 to $497 and I do a free live event, where I upsell people to a $2 000 paid event and on that event I upsell them to a $10 000 workshop!”

Believe it or not, this is how most coaching professionals run their business. Nothing wrong with this!

But can you see the amount of resources and time it takes to do business this way?

No wonder entrepreneurs go crazy!

This is a fact: when prospects see too many options, they get confused. And when they get confused, they don`t buy.


When prospects get confused they don`t buy. Click To Tweet


Confusion Kills Sales

They`re not supposed to know what package to choose, by the way, it`s up to you to offer the best solution for their problem.
And when they`re about to choose, often times they`re afraid to make the wrong decision because there are so many choices.

When there are only one or two high ticket packages, some of that fear is eliminated because it`s easier for the prospect to decide.

Wouldn`t it be better to have only one secondary offer, a $5 000 package and a one-on-one coaching package at $25 000, for example?

It would probably make your life much more simple.


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Understand Your Buyer

More than figuring out your prospect`s needs and desires, their profession or the magazines they read you must understand that in the world of high ticket sales you`re dealing with either affluent or sophisticated buyers.

Affluent buyers drive their purchasing decisions based on feelings, they buy because it feels good.
While the sophisticated have already done their research before even talking to you, they know exactly what they want.

The sophisticated buyers are the ones who ask a lot of questions related to your terms, how the product works or any refunds policies.


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Information Is Not A Problem

With so much information these days, prospects need new perspectives of their problems, they want answers not “let me show you how great this program is.”

If you know that most of your prospects buy based on feelings, all you have to do is market your services and sell in a way that triggers their emotions.

The people that go to Walmart are a very different type of buyer from the ones that are willing to pay 10, 25 or even $100 000 for valuable results.
The first want the cheapest price, the later want transformation.

It`s an extreme example to illustrate how important it is to intimately know your potential high ticket clients.


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Positioning Matters

Are you chasing clients or are they coming to you because you`re the expert? That makes a big difference! It puts you in a position of authority instead of desperation.

Positioning goes away beyond what people see, it goes away beyond just handling inbound leads that come from your lead generation efforts.

These questions will help you determine how well you`re positioned:

  • “Does the prospect fill an application before talking to me?”
  • “Did I show them video footage telling my story and sharing my accomplishments?”
  • “Is the prospect booking a call with me?”
  • “Am I calling the prospect or is he calling me?”
  • “What are my clients saying about me?”

When you call the prospects, you`re the salesperson, when they call you, you`re the expert.

You already know that society has negative associations with salespeople, so the less you sound like one the better.


The sale is made way before you talk to the prospect on the phone. Click To Tweet


Close High Ticket Clients With Ease

Now, why do applications forms work so well?

Because you`re pre-qualifying the prospects before getting on the phone with them. You know their income, their goals, their problems even before they talk to you.

This is really powerful. In sales, data is king!

The more information you have on the prospects the easier it is to ask the right questions and engage them.

Want to know how to influence the outcome of your discovery call without saying a single word?

You`ve probably already guessed it. Here goes…

After they book a call, on the thank you page have a video of yourself sharing the story of your life, how it relates to what you do today and share your accomplishments (books, talks, places you`ve been featured).

Boom… the prospect is already pre-sold before talking to you. Talking about easy closes!


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Do Not Serve The Masses

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of selling to everybody under the sun.

Bad idea!

Instead, you should pick a specific niche you want to serve, for example, busy CEOs looking for a meaningful relationship.

Again, when you serve the masses, you`re seen as just another one of those. People cannot resonate with generic marketing messages or pitches.

Trying to serve everybody is a big block for people in business, it´s hard for them to get over it. It comes from a scarcity mentality.

They think that if they choose a niche, they`ll be missing out on business opportunities because the target market now is much smaller.

This couldn`t be further away from the truth!


Serving everybody is a sure way to run your coaching business into the ground. Click To Tweet


Be Specific In Your Targeting

Sometimes, coaches find someone that needs a service that`s not in their area of expertise but they take on the client anyway. This is stupid.

Coach: “Oh, I`m a life coach!”

Prospect: “Ok, but what exactly is it that you do?”

Coach: “I do this, I do that and I do that, as well!”

See the problem?

Narrowing down the number of people you target will help you attract better and more qualified clients because they know what to expect from you.

You have to understand that you`re selling the invisible, you`re selling outcomes and those outcomes better be specific and targeted to a certain group of people.
Otherwise, you`re gonna have a tough time getting high ticket clients and if you do get lucky, most likely you`ll end up getting the wrong ones.


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Create A High Ticket Funnel

I`m talking about a sales funnel.

A process that creates awareness for your offer, generates interest and converts leads into sales. One of the most effective is the high ticket webinar funnel to a discovery call booking or sales page.

Webinars are very powerful because you answer questions at the end when it`s done live and you can also record it and use it over and over again every time you do any type of lead generation.

The way most marketing gurus teach us is to have a $7 offer that leads to a $49, then a $197, after that you have a $499 and then if you`re lucky 3 years later the customer buys your $10 000 package.

I don`t know about you but I don`t want to wait that long.

And here`s the biggest problem…

The $7 client is very different from the $10 000 client. The first is looking for information, the later for transformation.
It`s a completely different value proposition.


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Don`t Play The Rescue Game

Remember what this article is about, attracting high ticket clients with ease.
We`re not talking about dragging people that are not willing to commit to the finish line.

That`s exactly the type of people you`ll find looking to buy a $7 offer. I`m not saying all of them but most of them.

Work with the winners, don`t play the rescue game.

Are you in the rescue business or the transformation business?

Make your offer simple, charge high ticket only and watch how much more committed clients you attract.


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Put A Stop To Free Coaching Sessions

Every time I see a post on Linkedin or Facebook with something like…

“I`m giving away 5 free coaching sessions, for a limited time”, I just laugh!

It`s funny, knowing what I know today.

I know, you`re trying to help that person by giving value in advance. By doing this you think he will come back later and do business with you.


It`s not how it works!

People value what they pay for. Free sessions only attract the curious, not the committed.

You`re just wasting your time, letting someone pick your brain for free and end up not doing any business.

Give value on social media with your content, with your webinars, not through free coaching sessions.


People value what they pay for. Click To Tweet


High Paying Doesn`t Equal Highly Committed

The only free session you should have is a discovery session or closing call.

But here you`re not selling your program or even giving away free advice, you`re only trying to figure out if the prospect is the right fit for your solution or not.

Remember, it`s not just about attracting high ticket clients, it`s more about attracting highly committed clients.

I can be a high paying client, I just don`t show up.

Understand what I`m saying?

This is some advanced psychology, do not rely on free coaching sessions to drive business. Eliminate them out of your sales strategy if you truly want to maximize your time and effort.

If there`s no skin in the game, it`s very hard to deliver results.


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Nail Your Elevator Pitch

Ever went to a conference where you asked someone “what do you do” and they replied with something like “I`m a realtor” or “I`m a coach”?

What was your reaction? “Humm, ok!”

I would probably say: “Interesting, no seriously what do you do?”

There`s no value in that pitch and it`s too generic.
There`s no way someone is going to resonate with that and you`ll come across as if you`re trying to sell something.

I`ll tell you what goes through people`s minds when you make a statement like that…

“you`re just one of those, now I really want to get out of here!”

The last thing you want is to have the marketplace see you as just one of those, a commodity like you`ve heard me talk about.

And it`s your fault if your prospects see you that way because you haven`t given them a reason to believe that you`re different.
Don`t forget, you`re selling the invisible.


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Always Sell Outcomes

When you`re selling an intangible, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to generate interest with a value-driven pitch based on the outcomes your target audience is desperately looking for.

Instead of saying the old “I`m a relationship coach,” why don`t you try this?

“I specialize in helping busy CEOs discover the love of their lives so they can create more and be the leader that everyone looks up to.”

Now you`ve got their attention. Is that simple!
I just made that up so you need to come up with your own elevator pitch and always create it with outcomes in mind.

People buy outcomes and the ones relevant to them, not to you. So, do your research and find out what your target audience really wants.


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Increase Your Value

The truth is that selling high ticket makes you face your own demons and problems. It forces you to elevate your game in order to create extraordinary results for your clients.

It`s not easy to ask for a lot of money and that`s why so few people do it.

But for that reason, there`s a bigger opportunity.

You can`t just charge $20 000 for one-on-one coaching without being a person that`s worth that kind of money.
That`s why attracting high ticket clients is not just about charging more, it`s about charging better.

So the question you have to ask yourself is…

“who do I have to be in order to charge the kind of money I want?”

This powerful question will, in a sense, push you to constantly improve your skills as a coach or facilitator.


The level of transformation your clients experience is related to how fast you can develop your skills. Click To Tweet


Your Business Grows As Fast As You Do

It`s very simple: the minute you invest $50 000 in yourself through someone to mentor you or give you guidance, you can charge the same amount.

It goes back to knowing exactly how it feels to write that check or do that transfer.

The amount of money you make in your coaching business and the quality of the transformations you provide is in direct proportion of how fast you can grow as a human being.

Increasing your value will help you to drive up the demand for your service in the marketplace, attract even better clients, make more money and ultimately give you the lifestyle you desire.

Never stop improving yourself because your skills are the only true safety net you can have.


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Attract High Ticket Clients On Demand

Sometimes, we try to overcomplicate high ticket client attraction.

It`s very simple.

The right message to the right people at the right time generates sales. As long as you know your ideal client and you communicate your value in a clear way, sales will come.

Selling at a premium is not for everybody, it requires you to face your own BS, to constantly strive to improve yourself and have a rigorous client selection.

The power of high ticket sales lies in the ability you have to work with fewer clients, make more money than most of society and work with people that are willing to do whatever it takes to see results.

And at the end of the day, results is all that matters!

I want to hear from you…

… what changes are you going to implement in your business?