The world is going crazy…

A new breed of sales professionals is starting to appear in the marketplace. They are called high ticket closers.

I risk saying that sales will never be the same. It`s a bold statement… I know it.

You and I both know that this is not 1968 anymore, either!

The sales world has been evolving and quite frankly it changes every year.
Products launches, new competitors entering the market, legislation changes, disruptive products, consumer trends, you name it.

Buyers now have access to an array of information about products, companies and outcomes. Therefore, the biggest differentiator in the sales process today is you.


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Entering A New And Disruptive Era

The high ticket closer concept came to disrupt an entire industry and change the way products and services are delivered to consumers and businesses.

Now, I got your attention, don`t I?

Salespeople these days are not just there to take orders, but to bring new perspectives into the lives of consumers.
Long gone are the days when salespeople had all the power to influence the prospect`s decision-making process.

We`re now entering an era when it`s mandatory, for the sales professional to step up and become more of a value adder than a feature pusher.

High ticket closers are not typical salespeople, they`re revenue generators, value adders and extremely agile sellers.

As you see more and more of them showing up, you`ll begin to understand why this “global movement” is a force to be reckoned with.

So, let me help you demystify this movement…


What Is A High Ticket Closer™?

You may have seen this online and you keep wondering what is it exactly that these guys do?

Business wise, a high ticket sales closer is a specialized professional “armed” with closing abilities. Much like the majority of sales professionals, their job is mainly on the phone.

High ticket closers work with influencers and companies to drive revenue on a pure commission basis.

Top closers out there may also charge retainers for the work they`ll be doing before working with the client, such as developing scripts and immersing themselves in the product.

Every closer is unique in his own way of conducting business. You won`t find two closers that are alike.


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They close inbound leads over the phone within 45 minutes or less.
The discovery calls are booked in their calendars and most of the times, the prospects call them, allowing for complete control over their schedule.

And no… there`s no prospecting, cold calling or chasing people!

As high ticket closers, their main priority is to make sure that only the right prospect is delivered of a product or service.
They act as consultants, leaders essentially who are there to bring new insights and guide them to their own conclusions.

Companies don`t hire high ticket closers because they want a quick fix, but rather they look for someone that can help them take their businesses to a whole new level.


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The Increase Demand Of High Ticket Closing

The truth is that more and more companies are requesting the services of high ticket closers.
Not only in North America, where the concept was born or English speaking countries but all over the world.

Check this out…

Businesses are spending a ton of money creating content, developing sales and marketing strategies, generating leads and walking the prospects through the sales process.

The problem is that there are not enough qualified and skilled closers to seal those deals.

Most companies, end up by doing all this work to lose most of the deals in the final stage.
This is when the high ticket closers come in, to do the 10% that matters the most for the entrepreneur.
Driving revenue!


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As you can see the search volume of the keyword “high ticket closer” on Google has been significantly increasing since January 2018. That means people are typing the term more often.

Now, is everybody that searches that particular keyword looking to hire one?

Let`s keep it real… probably not!

But this is a good indicator that the demand for closers is increasing, despite the fact that these numbers reflect the combined searches and include people who are just curious to know more about it.


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How To Become A High Ticket Closer™?

Let`s face it…

It`s not for everybody. Most people prefer to stay in the status quo and ignore their potential.

But for those who are serious, the only way to become certified is through an intensive, live online transformational course called The High Ticket Closer™ Certification Program, taught by the multimillionaire entrepreneur Dan Lok.

The program has limited openings per year and lasts about 7 weeks.


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Ambitious people from over 120 countries, different backgrounds and experiences are now waking up to a new reality.
They`re coming to the realization that the way society has been educating us is fundamentally flawed.

Dan is taking people that never been in sales, sales rookies and driven entrepreneurs and turning them into top performers with the ability to earn like the 1%.

Giving people real-life skills, that nobody teaches you in school, in the best colleges and… let`s be honest here, not even your parents.


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High Ticket Closing Is Not A Skill

High ticket closing is a way of life!

You might be thinking, but you said it was about closing high ticket sales over the phone.

That`s true!

What I didn`t tell you is that you don`t need to close sales over the phone to be a high ticket closer. Now, you`re really confused.

Let me explain…

High ticket closing is not about closing sales, working with influencers or getting hired by companies and generating cash on demand.

It`s much more than that.


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It`s about the way you show up to the world every day, how you operate as a human being. The way you communicate, your beliefs and principals.

Any skill is much more valuable when it is who you are instead of what you do. No different with high ticket closing.
When it`s who you are, things are not forced, you`re in the flow and that`s when magic happens!

High ticket closing boils down to your ability to communicate and get everything you want in life. As Dan says, communication is wealth.
It means living like the CEO of your life, with ultimate confidence in your abilities.


The high ticket closer concept came to disrupt an entire industry. Click To Tweet


High Ticket Closing Is More Than A Trend

Whether you want to hire a high ticket closer to skyrocket your revenue or become one yourself, now you have a thorough understanding of what it takes to become one and what exactly they do.

Be prepared to encounter more closers over the next couple of years.

High ticket closers are amongst the highest paid sales professionals in the world and they`re here to stay.

The skill is definitely in an upward trend and doesn`t really matter how many of them come out because there`s always gonna be a demand for closers.

Nothing happens until you make a sale in business, we can both agree on that.

The way you sell is fundamentally changing and this skill set will be a tremendous asset for thousands and thousands of companies all over the world, in the next few years.