Still confused about the High Ticket Closer™ Program?

You`re not alone.

These days, a lot of people are but you`re lucky…

… because you`ve landed in the right place!

In this in-depth post, I will help you understand what the high ticket closer program is all about so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it might be something you want to look at.

Let get started…



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The Nuts And Bolts Of The High Ticket Closer™ Program

This intensive 8-Week program is essentially divided into 3 stages:

  • Weeks 1,2,3 is focused on getting your head screwed on straight
  • Weeks 4,5,6,7 is about the strategies, tactics and techniques
  • Week 8 which is a bonus class


Week 1 – How To Dominate In Life And In Business With A High-Ticket Mindset

The first week is a shock!

Dan is gonna set the expectations for what the program is about and what you can do to make it work.

Most people think that sales is all about having the right scripts, saying the perfect lines or using the best closing techniques.

It`s not.

Without the right mindset, it will be really difficult for you to ask for big money without feeling weird.

Much of your success will be 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. You can have the best script in the world but without a strong mindset, you`ll be no more than average.

I`m sure you don`t want to be average, otherwise, you wouldn`t have typed “high ticket closer program review” on Google.


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Other programs teach you to use aggressive, salesy techniques to close deals. Dan shows you the opposite right in the first week.

This is the week where you’ll see how you never need to be pushy at all, especially when it comes to high-ticket sales.

In fact, the less pushy you are, the more successful you’ll likely be.


Week 2 – The Advanced Human Psychology Of High-Ticket Sales And Ultra-Luxury Selling

Why do people buy?

If you don`t understand what motivates people to make a purchase, how can you ever influence someone to do so?

Selling high ticket items is very different from selling low price products.
To become a successful high ticket closer you need to able to understand why buyers behave in a certain way.

Be prepared to be confronted with your fears and negative associations rich people.

You probably already know that the middle class is disappearing, one day there will only be the poor and the wealthy. You`ve got to decide where you want to be… while you can.


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This is not a sales program, by the way.

This program is about closing high ticket offers and luxury goods/services so it requires a whole new set of strategies most people never even heard of.

In fact, when it comes to selling high ticket offers and luxury goods/services, it’s actually quite simple.
You just have to know human psychology on a very deep level.

After this portion of the mentorship, Dan will teach how to be able to read anyone’s personality within minutes of talking to them.

You’ll get to know them even better than they know themselves!


Week 3 – The One-Call Closer Methodology That Dan Uses To Close Profitable Deals With High-Level Influencers

Have you ever been to a store where the salesperson was just trying to make the commission?

It doesn`t feel good, right?

Closing sales over the phone is an art and doing it without hype, traditional pushy sales tactics or embarrassing “gimmicks” takes a lot of skill and understanding of the types of questions to ask.

Week 3 will show you how to ask powerful questions that get people to buy.

More than that, some questions will even prevent you from having prospects backing out from a sale.


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It’s usually the top students that learn these strategies who get the best results.

You can ask any of the 4,900+ past students (or see the testimonials here) – they’ll tell you the same thing.

With the methods that Dan teaches you, done properly, people may look at you and think you’ve got a natural gift for deal-making/closing deals.
But of course, you’ll need to put in the work first.


Week 4 – The High Ticket Sales Scripts: 7 Secrets That Dan Lok Has Used To Close Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Over The Phone

At this time, your brain is fried of so much information.

As you go through the high ticket closer program, it`s ok to feel overwhelmed on week 4.

Dan is gonna show you some powerful and advanced closing philosophies to gain control over any conversation and influence people at a deep emotional level.

He`s gonna share with you some advanced tactics…

  • How do you structure a sales call?
  • What`s the process?
  • How do you control your emotions and stay in the game when the prospect is being hard on you?


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In his career so far, Dan has closed hundreds of deals. He has made millions over the phone!

So that’s why you will never find the scripts he`s going to give you on Google or any sales training.

With these scripts, you will never be phased by any client, prospect, or sales conversation again, no matter how intimidating the person you’re talking to is.


Week 5 – How To Handle Objections And Resistance Like A Kung-Fu Master Easily Handles A 300-Pound Boxer

Imagine never getting rejected again.

Not in business.

Not in relationships.

Not in any situation.

Well, you don’t need to imagine because you’ll know how to turn around any conversation at any time with this week’s strategies.

Even after learning these methods some people still get rejected.

These are usually the students who aren’t committed and don’t practice. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but not everyone can avoid rejection in every situation in life.

However, if you use these methods, you’ll discover that the more resistance your prospect gives you, the more power you have over them.
And the easier it is to close someone.


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You`ve probably been taught how to handle objections. Everybody learns that in sales.

But high ticket closers handle them differently.

What you also didn`t learn was how to turn objections into commitments, preventing objections, closing sales effortlessly and without sounding like a “used car salesman.”

Week 5 shows you how important is tonality, speed of voice and attitude when it comes to closing high ticket sales and making millions on the phone.


Week 6 –  How To Find High-Ticket Partners Including Role Play Sessions With Dan Lok And Others On The Team

Week 6 will answer these questions for you…

  • How do you find contracts with influencers?
  • Where and how can you get hired as a High Ticket Closer™?

Dan will share with you never seen strategies to attract dream partners and close 5, 10, 25 even $100 000 offers over the phone.

You`ll learn the best way to structure your contracts with entrepreneurs who are willing to pay you a premium for valuable results.

No matter where you are in the world, opportunities to make money are everywhere and after week 6, you`ll know exactly what to do to find them.


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In this week’s class, you’ll also be able to hear and experience how Dan Lok uses the exact skills he teaches in HTC to close big deals.

You’ll experience how other HTC students are using the exact skills you have to close deals too.

I’m not saying you’ll be able to close big deals like he does.
But I am saying is you’ll save all the time and effort it took Dan to learn these methods that got him results.


Week 7 – How Top HTC Students Make A 6-Figure Income (And Keep Growing) As A High-Ticket Closer™

The final week will take you through an exciting discovery through the ins and outs of taking your high-income skill and apply it in the real world.

Dan will teach you how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and how to behave properly when closing sales on your own.

Week 7 is also a celebration!

Your celebration by graduating as a High Ticket Closer™.

Now, you can say you know more about influence and sales.
That you`re more aware than 99% of the population but at the same time, you`ll come to the realization that you don`t know sh*t!

Be prepared to put in the work because your learning curve starts when you graduate.

Did I say this is the last week?

Humm… maybe! 😉


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It`s important to mention that this is one of the most important classes in the program.

In this class, you’ll discover how the top students are making 6-figures faster and easier as a High-Ticket Closer™ compared to working a corporate job.

This includes…

  • Where to meet clients
  • How to introduce yourself
  • How to win their respect with the first words out of your mouth
  • How to structure win-win deals with your clients
  • The 4 requirements every one of your clients must meet for you to make money – for the long-term
  • And much, much more


Week 8 – Mystery Bonus Class: Unlocked If You Meet The Following Challenge

To help you get the most out of HTC, here’s another thing Dan did…

He decided to put together a fun challenge where you have an opportunity to win a bonus class.

If there`s an 80% show rate throughout the course, the internal team will unlock a bonus class for you.


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So it doesn’t matter if only you attend all the classes, this will be a group goal for everyone who’s taking HTC at the same time as you!

In your bonus class, you’ll receive some of his most valuable teachings on how he hits almost every goal he has, no matter how big it is.

For HTC grads who have unlocked this class, many of them have called this class their favorite!


Insider`s Look On The High-Ticket Closer™ Program

Let`s go a step further here…

I`d like to show you a little bit more about the program.

You already know that it`s an 8-week journey and what each of the classes is about.

Now, you`ll get a chance to step into the shoes of an insider and really understand all the nuances of the program.


Community Of Like-Minded People

If you join the high ticket closer program, you`ll get unlimited access to a community of like-minded people, who are there to support you every step of the way.

There`s no shortage of accountability and brotherhood.

Everybody has his own story of struggle before coming into the program. Students from over 120 countries and diverse cultures.

The reason why the community is so warm and welcoming is that we do not tolerate negativity.

Here`s another word of warning…

“Bad apples” will be kicked out of the high ticket closer program. Dan doesn`t mess around. You`re either in for the good or you`re out forever.


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In-Depth Live Training And Class Recordings

The live sessions are a gold mine of wisdom!

You never know what`s gonna happen. And the instructor, your SIFU always goes beyond what he promises…

… way beyond, actually!

This is not one of those courses where you log in, watch some videos here and there and then give up on it in the second week.

Have you ever done a program like that?

Not saying they`re bad, that`s just not the best way to develop a high-income skill.

If you join the community, you`ll have access to the recordings of every class. In case you can`t be present in the live training.
The live classes take place once a week at 06:30 pm PST (Pacific Time).

You literally lose track of time when you attend live. You never know what`s gonna happen!


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Lifetime Access To Video, Audio And Text Resources

Dan is gonna test you!

There will be assignments you have to complete. You`re not going through this program passively. I promise you.

After each week, you`ll be given valuable resources meant to help you progress, such as scripts, recorded closing calls and challenges.

Total immersion is what you can expect from the journey towards your best version. Towards becoming a high ticket closer.

There will be no excuses.
Every resource is designed to shorten your learning curve and get you to make money with your high ticket closing skill as fast as possible.

Just don`t make the mistake of comparing yourself to others.

As I said, everybody comes from different backgrounds and experiences, and your journey is unique.
You are unique as a human being and there`s a lot of value in that!


Will You Be The Next High Ticket Closer?

How Dan Lok Can Take You On A Transformational 7-Week Journey And Show You The High-Income Skill Of Closing High-Ticket Sales




Exclusive Online Platform To Perfect Your Closing Skills

Dan`s team has set up a global platform where you can develop and master your closing skills and interact with your “brothers and sisters”, as we call the community members.

This is where you can roleplay, ask for feedback and share some new insights you might have that can benefit other people.


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You`re all in this together.
Every week there will be new knowledge you can implement and ask others for constructive feedback.

This is how you grow as a closer, as a high performer, as someone who wants to live life to the fullest.

Remember, being a high ticket closer is a way of life, it`s how you operate and how you show up to the world.


Getting Deeper Into The High Ticket Closer™ Program

Now that I`ve shown you what`s gonna happen in the 8 weeks of the program, it`s time to reveal something more.

If you`re here, reading this, probably there`s something you want to change in your life.

The high ticket closer program could be your best bet at this time but if you haven`t made up your mind yet, keep reading…


Pros & Cons

Most people like to see the pros and cons of any service or product before considering it.
The High Ticket Closer™ program is no different.

So, to help you get as much information as possible, I`ll share with you what I think are the pros and cons of the program:


  • High level of accountability
  • Closing is a skill you can learn fast
  • The community is very warm and friendly
  • It`s a lot cheaper compared to other programs



  • Live classes could make you stay up late depending on your timezone
  • You might find it hard at the beginning to implement closing outside of sales
  • Massive overwhelm is expected especially in the first few weeks


The High Ticket Closer™ Program Is NOT For Everybody

In case you don`t know the legend of sales Brian Tracy said some great things about the program.

This man has trained more than 2 million salespeople in more than 1000 of the best companies in the world and acknowledged the High Ticket Closer™ program for being a standout and an example of world-class teaching.

Yes, the program is good but it might not be a good fit for you…

If you`re looking for “quick-fixes”, you`re not willing to put in the work or you just want to check it out, then probably you`re better off staying where you`re at.

(NOTE: How Dan Lok Can Take You On A Transformational 7-Week Journey And Show You The High-Income Skill Of Closing High-Ticket Sales)


The Sea Of Opportunities

As you can see the volume of the search term “high ticket closer” has gone up significantly since January 2019.

Now, does this mean that these are all influencers and companies searching and looking to hire closers?

Probably not!

But this gives you a clear indication of how popular it has become and how many opportunities are out there for you to become successful using the high ticket closing skill.


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Dan could train 50 000 closers and he will probably will!

And it wouldn`t make a difference compared to the abundance of opportunities out there for you to make a great living.

It`s crazy, I`m telling you…

there`s a blue ocean out there for anyone who`s trained by Dan Lok!


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How The High Ticket Closer™ Program Changed My Perspective

If you didn`t spot it yet, I`ve actually gone through Dan`s program.

Becoming a high ticket closer gave me the clarity and the tools I needed to build my own business and ultimately chase my potential.

As you can see, becoming a high ticket closer doesn`t mean you close sales every day and you don`t need to be in sales either.

It goes way deeper than that…

High ticket closing can be applied to improve any area of life because it`s such a transferable skill.

I hope you`ve found this review helpful.
If you have any questions, just schedule a call with someone from my team so we can help you find out if it makes sense to join the program.

Also, feel free to share this review if you think it can help someone.


P.S: Want to listen to more stories from real people that have gone through the high ticket closer program? Click here.