In this post, I`m going to show you the 3 most important fundamentals of high ticket closing and how you can use them to get anything you want in life.

Sounds like a bold statement!

And I know what you`re thinking…

What the hell is high ticket closing?

In simple terms, is the ability to influence someone to go down a path that serves both of you.
Whether that`s closing a sale, selling yourself to the boss in order to get a new job or getting a date with the girl of your dreams.

High Ticket Closing is based on a couple of principles and I`m gonna share with you what I consider to be the most powerful.

Your ability to listen, understand people`s main personality type and master yourself is what I will dissect in a few seconds.


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Master The Art Of Listening

Think about the overall picture of your life right now.

Now, ask yourself this question … “how many people do I actually know that are great listeners?”

Perhaps, not even your spouse listens to you!

Human beings like to talk about themselves.

Being able to listen is the golden rule of communication because it allows you to connect with the other person and ask questions that you`ll engage him or her in the discussion.

It`s so refreshing to come across someone that truly listen to us… they`re kind of rare to find!

Resist the urge of talking over the other person or looking around while he speaks, it`s rude and only demonstrates a lack of interest in him.

A simple trick you can use to become a better listener is counting until 3 to start taking. Let the other person talk and wait 3 seconds before saying something.
In a sales call, this can literally be the difference between getting an order or a no.

Waiting a few seconds to talk back will give your brain enough time to process the information and gives you a chance to ask a great question that will get the other person engaged.


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Understand Who You`re Talking To

What I mean by this is understanding people`s personality type.

Everybody makes decisions, talks, and lives in different ways and by different values.
Some people are straight shooters, others like to keep things simple, others want the step-by-step while some are more sensitive and soft.

Knowing what type of personality you`re communicating with will give you the ability to influence them because now you`re talking their language and they feel understood.

When people feel understood, especially on sales calls, they will share more information with you, they`ll be more open.

Don`t you like to feel understood?

Of course you do, every human being does.

This principle can be applied in other areas of your life, as well. It`s the power of having closing skills, you feel like Superman!

Let`s say you go on a date with that special girl.
If you know her personality type, it`s easier for you to communicate with her the way she wants to be talked to, increasing your chances of actually moving to the next step, whatever that might be!


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Close Yourself First

It`s very hard to influence somebody to give you what you want before mastering yourself first.

I`m talking about getting your mind screwed on straight, having clarity around your goals and conviction in your solution.

If you think about any martial artist, you`ll understand why mastering yourself is so important. Not just having control over the body but over the mind as well.

Your mind is a very powerful tool that can be used to build the life you want or the one you`re trying to avoid.

Businesswise, it will be very hard for you to close high ticket sales with negative associations with money, for example. You can`t even fake it!

Let`s say you don`t believe in your product or service, how are you gonna communicate the value of it to your prospect with conviction?

Not easy to do, almost impossible I`d say!

In life, is no different. You must be confident in your skills, your personality, your value, who you are to be able to persuade others.

The best solution is really to invest in yourself.
Upgrade your skills, improve your mindset because if you don`t change from within, the outside will always look the same.

(NOTE: How To Master The Art Of High Ticket Closing And Make Millions From Your Phone Without Prospecting, Cold Calling Or Even Starting A Business)


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High Ticket Closing Is A Way Of Life

There`s no such thing as a part-time influencer or closer. Believe me, I tried that and didn`t work.

What I mean by this is that you need to embrace every situation in your life as a form of closing.
If you watch elite athletes in any sport, it`s like they don`t even think about training because that sport is their identity.

When what you do is who you are, there`s no effort and things just flow beautifully.

High ticket closing is a way of life and it`s a way of operating on a daily basis that will make you stand out from everybody else.

It doesn`t matter what you do or your background, the ability to communicate and influence will bring you more joy in life than anything else.

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