Have you ever had a prospect get turned off by a question you asked on a sales call?

If you did, one of two things might have happened…

  1. You messed up on your tonality (too aggressive or uncertain)
  2. You asked a dumb question

In most cases, prospects get turned off when they`re asked the wrong questions, typically at the wrong time.

If you`re selling any kind of high ticket coaching program or package, the chances of having the wrong question ruin a closing call are pretty high.

Some of the examples in this article might even piss off your prospect and get him to hang up on you.

In a few seconds, I`m gonna show you what types of questions you should avoid in any enrollment or discovery call and what the top high ticket sales closers say instead.


“How Are You Doing Today?”

Probably, the most used question is the world!

It’s beaten up, especially in sales.
It doesn`t add any value, doesn`t build rapport, contrarily to what most people think and comes across as fake.

A better question is…

“How`s it going, John?” or “Hi John, how have you been?”

By going with either of these, you separate yourself from everybody else and most importantly, you don`t sound like a typical salesperson when trying to sell you coaching programs.

Remember that prospects have negative associations with salespeople, so anything that doesn`t make you sound, act or feel like one is a good option.


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“How Can I Help You?”

I`m sure you`ve been to a clothing store and the sales guy or gal asked you this question.

What is your reaction?


“I`m just shopping around” or “Thanks, I`m just looking!”

Your prospects are no different, they buy the same way. When you start your sales call like this, it immediately triggers a negative response in their brain.

Starting the call on a negative tone doesn`t help you at all, it only makes them more resistant and pushed back.

Nobody wants to be in a corner!

A better question is… “what can I do for you today?” or “what was the motivation to jump on the call?”

These are value-driven questions, they imply that the prospects have a problem and you`re trying to help them solve it.
Adopt the doctor mentality and watch how many more prospects you enroll into your high ticket coaching programs.


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“Do You Need Some Time To Think About It?”

I`m gonna shoot myself with this one!

Do I need some time to think about it? Yes, and guess what… you`ll never hear from me.

The reason why you ask this question is because you`re afraid to get to the truth. You`re afraid to ask the prospect what`s really going on.

They`re uncertain and you even add more uncertainty to the fire. They have fears and sometimes they don`t even know what`s holding them back.

If they need time to think about it is because you haven`t done your job discovering the prospects` needs. Time to think about it is a lie.

That`s not the issue!

The issue lies way deeper and most of the times beyond the first question. You`ve got to keep asking questions until you find what`s really holding them back.

In the world of high ticket sales, staying at the surface of their pains won`t take you very far.

Go deep and don`t be afraid to ask as many questions as it takes to get to the truth.


“How`s The Weather Over There?”

Seriously, is this the weather report?

This is another, supposedly “rapport building” question and one I recommend you should not be using. Why would you waste words asking the prospect about the weather?

They don`t care, you don`t care… who cares?!

“John, why are you on the call, what`s going on in your life, why are we talking today?” – that`s all that matters!

Stop trying to please your prospects, get to the point, don`t waste time talking about the weather, it`s so old and it doesn`t have any value.
It certainly doesn`t help you enroll more high ticket clients.

Leave weather conversations to your time with friends or family.

Prospects don`t care about the weather, they want some freaking answers.


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“How Could You Not Want This Program?”

Oh man!

No, they don`t want the program.
You haven`t given them a reason to buy your coaching program yet.

You can`t force people to make decisions, make them feel like it was his or her decision to move forward.

When is the prospect`s decision to buy, he feels good about the purchase.

This super dumb question puts you in a compromised position, you start entering in justifying mode and the prospect feels like you`re not helping him.

In fact, he feels like you don`t care about his needs.

A few seconds later he hangs up on you!

Make him see that enrolling in your coaching program will be the best decision he has ever made without justifying your value.

Give the prospects a reason to not stay in the status quo and if the pain is great enough and they have the desire to get rid of it, they`ll buy.


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“Would You Like A Proposal?”


We both know that proposals are a waste of time.

Do you really really think you`re gonna close a 10, 20 or $50 000 coaching package through a piece of paper justifying how great you are?

Give me a break!

You ask this question because you don`t have the courage to close the sale on the spot, you’re afraid to push the prospect.

Sometimes, you have to push, not in a sleazy way, of course.

Simply make him face the truth…

“John, suppose I send you the proposal and you like me and I like you, what`s going to happen next?”

If he says…

“I`d you still need to talk to my business partner!”

Then, it`s about something else.

Got it?

The proposal is BS, it`s never about it and you must find out what`s the real reason why he doesn`t move forward today.

As a last resource, send him an agreement with a Paypal link laying out the terms of doing business with you, only after you get a commitment.


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“Can I Send You An Email With Some Information?”

No, what you`re really saying is… “I don`t like money!”

Do you really think that a PDF is going to close the sale for you?

You don`t send the prospect PDFs, brochures or catalogs, you close him on the phone. What doesn`t get done today, will never get done.

If you don`t close him on the spot (assuming he`s qualified), here`s what`s going to happen…

… you send the information, spend your time and energy and you never hear from him ever again!

Much like the damn proposal!

False or true?

If the prospect asks you for more information, simply say… “so John, let`s say I send you the information and you like what you see, what`s gonna happen next?”

This one is very similar to the previous. It`s never about the information, it`s about something else.

Don`t be afraid to ask the tough questions. Finding the truth and losing the sale will always be better than getting a maybe.

Do not stay in “maybe-land”, always find the truth.


“Are You Looking To Buy Today?”


Major turn off… done.

Here`s the reality and you know this…

People love to buy but they hate to be sold.

You should never, ever ask that question.
Even if the prospect is looking to buy, he`s not gonna tell you because it puts him in a defensive position.

A better question and the one I use to close sales is…

“so Mary, where should we go from here?” or “what would you like to do next?”

These questions give the prospect the freedom to either move forward or not and he`s the one making the decision.

The chances of the sale sticking are higher when the words come out of his mouth.

Avoid typical sales language such as“want to buy”, “can I fill the order” or “can I put you in” when closing high ticket sales.
It triggers negative responses and creates resistance. Let him say it!


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Start Asking Better Sales Questions

Mastering the art of high ticket sales is nothing more than mastering the art of influence. It becomes much easier to influence someone at a high level when you ask great questions.

It gets them to open up and give you way more information instead of pissing them off.

If the prospect gets off the phone by his initiative, you`re doing something wrong and you`re probably not connecting.

Connection only happens when you`re listening and asking great questions at the right time with finesse.

Let`s review some of the alternatives when closing high ticket sales:

  • “How`s it going, John?”
  • “What can I do for you today?”
  • “Suppose I send you the proposal and you like me and I like you, what`s going to happen next?”
  • “What would you like to do next?”
  • “What was the motivation to jump on the call?”
  • “How have you been?”
  • “Let`s say I send you the information and you like what you see, what`s gonna happen next?”
  • “Where should we go from here?”

Remember that high ticket closing is nothing more than asking the right prospects the right questions at the right time.

It`s about leading a qualified prospect to the outcome he or she desires.

Now you`re better equipped to get valuable information from the prospects by asking better questions and close more people into your high ticket coaching programs without hesitation.

Back to you…

Did you find this article helpful?

Let me know in the comments below.