Want to become a better high ticket sales closer?

I`ve got some good and bad news for you.

Good news: it`s not about memorizing lines and scripts.

Bad news: you`ll have to face your own demons.

I believe these hacks have the most impact in your success closing high ticket sales. That`s why I called them advanced.
They`re not easy to master, hard to confront but for that reason, they`re so powerful.

All of them work together and it`s very difficult to maximize your results without following the 4 hacks. In combination, they`re like your call success insurance.

No matter what happens, you`ll never get rejected and you`ll always have something to win, even if you don`t close the sale.


1 – Detach Yourself From Outcomes

It`s probably the most difficult thing to do, not being attached to outcomes. If you`re the impatient type of person, you know what I`m talking about.

I found that impatience and eagerness can sometimes be your worst enemy on closing calls.

Not being attached doesn`t mean you don`t care about the outcome of your calls, it simply means that your happiness is not connected to that outcome.

It doesn`t matter if you close the prospect or not, you`re still the same person. You can`t lose, either you get a yes, a no or a lesson to improve on the next sales call.


All knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge. - Bruce Lee Click To Tweet


A Bad Call Doesn`t Mean Anything

Understand that even if you had a bad call with a potential client, that doesn`t mean you`re a bad closer. Detach your happiness from the result and see how many more prospects you can close.

This is a very powerful hack to close more sales because it allows you to let go of any desperation. People love to deal with non-needy individuals and you`re prospects can sense that.

Now, you can focus on listening instead of just being in your head.

You`re not worried about what lines to say or questions to ask.

When you`re in your head, you have a hard time connecting. Connection comes from the heart.

Not being attached to the sale gets you into a place where you`re genuinely on the call to help the prospect instead of having your eyes solely on the prize.


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2 – Practice EQ

Emotional intelligence has been proved to help individuals succeed in pretty much any area of their lives.
It is even a more determining factor in sales where you`re dealing with people and decisions.

Human beings are complicated and mastering your emotions can give you an edge over every salesperson and entrepreneur out there.

This means not being reactive, controlling your thoughts and not letting emotional baggage from the past affect your performance.

Prospects sometimes get emotional talking about their pains and desires and if you don`t have a solid base of EQ, your chances of following the “emotional trend” and losing the sale are high.


You must be closed on yourself first before trying to influence somebody. Click To Tweet


High EQ Equals High Performance

Easier said than done!

When the prospect is telling you his darkest secrets and getting all emotional, it is so easy to lose track of where you`re at on the call and what to say next.

This is when the combination between point number 1 and this can become a call saver.
Of course, your skills are an important aspect of your success.

But good skills without the proper mindset are worthless.

If you start getting emotional as well, you might lose control of the conversation and it`s much easier to let the prospect get away with excuses when you`re in this fragile state.

Read about emotional intelligence, study the most successful athletes or business people.
They all have high EQ levels, which allow them to operate at that level of excellence.


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3 – Change Your Money Blueprint

How can you ask a stranger with certainty for $20 000 over the phone when you have negative associations with money and rich people?

Very hard to do that without feeling weird or awkward!
With so much false data around the word “money”, people just introvert and avoid the topic.

Your daddy told you that $1 000 is a lot of money, your broke teacher taught you that money is the root of all evil and your uncle said you should save for that rainy day.

These are the garbage people constantly hear, not to mention what the media puts out.

Your money blueprint is like a CD, it plays the same songs over and over again. If you want to hear new songs, that is, produce different results, you have to get a new one.

Replacing the old CD with a new one allows you to create different outcomes in your life.


Your results will be a direct reflection of what your self-image is. Click To Tweet


The Millionaire Mindset

In order to become an effective high ticket closer, you must lose your mind first.

That`s right!

You`ve got to lose your poor person`s mind and create a new one: the millionaire mind.
That`s why I say, you must be closed on yourself first before influencing someone.

You have almost zero chances of closing high ticket sales with a messed up money blueprint, meaning how data about money is installed in your brain.

Change your programming first, it could be through affirmations, meditation, dressing a little bit better, educating yourself on the topic or simply start hanging around different people.

If you`ve been hanging around the same group of people, having the same habits, living in the same city and your life doesn`t change, maybe you need to give up something.

(NOTE: How To Master High Ticket Closing And Make Millions On The Phone Without Prospecting, Cold Calling Or Even Having A Business)


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4 – Self Image Is The Holy Grail

If you see yourself as a 6 figure earner, that’s exactly what you`ll get in your life, no more no less. Human beings cannot outperform their own self-image.

Meaning, how they see themselves and what they believe it`s possible.
What does that have to do with becoming a better high ticket sales closer?

Your results will be a direct reflection of what your self-image is. If you believe charging $10 000 is enough, then you`ll probably be stuck at that level.

If you think all you can close is 10 sales a month, then your brain will give you enough reasons, telling you stories of why you should not go beyond that.


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Self Image Is Your Thermostat

Your self-image is like a thermostat.

If yours is set a 70º and you suddenly become a little bit more successful, you`ll eventually find a way to sabotage the results to get back to the original temperature.

On the other hand, if your thermostat is set at 90º and something unexpected happens in your life such as a bad investment, you`ll find a way to heat your life back up.

It is critical that you start thinking more about what you`re thinking. Become aware of your thoughts and the stories you`re telling yourself every day.

The best way to improve your self-image and break through that invisible glass ceiling is through associations.
Surrounding yourself with mentors, people that can make you uncomfortable and push you to that next level.


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The High Ticket Closer Mindset

The road to becoming a better and more effective high ticket closer is ultimately one that leads to fully knowing oneself.

You can mess up on the script, say the wrong lines but if you`ve mastered yourself, your mind, your emotions, chances are that you`ll do pretty good.

Salespeople and entrepreneurs are always looking for the magic line forgetting that like Bruce Lee said, “all knowledge ultimately leads to self-knowledge.”

To create sustainable results in sales or in any endeavor, you must stop looking for things outside of yourself to make you successful.
You are the one that can make you successful.

Don`t rely on a system some guru sold you, a technique, the economy or the prospect, rely on you. This is how you can bulletproof your income.

Back to you… did you get any insight from this article that changed your thinking?

Let me know in the comments below.