Not everybody is a master at the art of asking for big money.

And it takes more than just courage!

I think we can both agree on that. But it doesn`t mean that only a few can learn how to close high ticket sales and work towards becoming a master influencer.

If you follow the fundamentals, you`ll experience more success asking for big money. Is that simple!

That`s exactly what I`m gonna share with you today.

The principles that will guide you to being a more effective high ticket sales closer, a bit more knowledgeable about the psychology of selling high ticket services and products and with a lot more money in your pocket.

I`m gonna share with you 7 of my best secrets that will help you take your sales career or business to the next level.

You`ll discover how your mindset influences your closing ratios, why people buy and what should be your approach when selling high ticket services or products.

Let`s start with secret #1…


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High Ticket Sales Secret #1 – Master Yourself First

Napoleon Hill said it best… “a master salesman is master of others because he is master of himself.”

The first fundamental rule of closing high ticket sales is understanding that your inner world creates your outer world.
You`ve heard this!

Your beliefs have a direct impact on your behaviors, therefore, affecting your ability to close sales and generate revenue.

It`s very difficult to ask for $50 000 for a service when you have negative associations with money or rich people.

And you`ll have a tough time connecting with the prospect if you`re not listening and paying attention to what they`re actually saying.

Connecting is the result of listening plus asking great questions.

Get your head screwed on straight first, save yourself first before trying to save the world.

Prospects are anything but dumb and they`ll sense your desperation and lack of conviction when asking for the sale.
You can`t even fake it, your tonality and body language will give it away!


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The Three Magic C`s

I mean, even if you don`t ask, it`ll be clear as water to them that you have zero confidence in your ability to close them.

The biggest close in your life is closing yourself.

You must be closed on yourself, your abilities and your solution in order to influence someone.
In order to be closed, you need to cultivate what we call the three C`s: clarity, certainty and conviction.

Clarity helps you communicate the outcomes you provide, certainty allows you to speak the truth and conviction is what ends up putting money in your pocket.

When you have all the three ingredients, closing high ticket sales becomes so much more enjoyable and effortless.

The prospect will feel like you`re a professional,  you know your stuff and this gives them the ultimate confidence to make a decision.

When you lack any of these three, the prospect will follow the same path.


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High Ticket Sales Secret #2 – People Buy What They Want

There`s a huge difference between someone`s ability to buy and desire to buy.

Understand this…

… people only buy what they want, not what they need.
Needing is very low level, on the other end, wanting taps into their deepest desires and you can only find that out by asking the right questions.

Needing makes people buy toilet paper.

Wanting makes people buy stupid stuff they don`t need!

Think about it, who needs a Bruce Lee collectible?

Probably, nobody. But it`s their emotional attachment to the “martial art legend” that makes them buy it.


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No Desire Equals No Sale

The prospect might tell you that he`s got the money and his spouse approves his decision to move the deal forward but if there`s no desire to purchase on his end, there`s no sale.

It is true that you can influence his level of desirability but at the end of the day there`s so much you can do.
You shouldn`t push the prospect to make a decision he doesn`t feel good about.

It`s much easier to close the sale when you tap into the prospects deepest desires and you can only do that by asking the tough questions.

People don`t buy Lamborghinis, sign up for Black Card memberships or private clubs because they need them.

What`s really going on here?

Maybe it gives them a sense of pride, exclusivity, they want to feel more confident or satisfies their ego, whatever it might be.

People buy for their reasons, not yours and every prospect defines value in a different way.

In the world of high ticket sales, what you want is highly committed clients, people that willing to go all the way and do whatever it takes to get results.


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High Ticket Sales Secret #3 – Lead Don`t Save

Please, stop saving people that don`t want to be saved. You`re not in the rescue business (I`m assuming)!

If you want to close high ticket sales, you must wrap your head around this…

The worst clients in the world are the ones you rescue.

You bent over backward, you do the impossible and still, they don`t appreciate you or what you do. It`s a bad business to be in.

Most prospects you talk to might have an interest in your offer, they may have the money to pay you but if they`re looking for the quick fix, out of desperation, that makes them a bad client.

When you try to close a bad prospect, who`s looking for the magic pill you`re not helping them nor yourself and it only helps to increase your refund rates.

He will not get results, I promise you! His expectations are screwed up.


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Work With The Winners

When you try to save people, it`s like you`re dragging them to the finish line. They come with all this emotional BS and end up sabotaging the results.

False or true?

Lead a qualified prospect, who`s willing to commit to the outcome he wants.

I mean, why would you waste your time with people that are not even a good fit, in the first place?

Taking on any client sends a signal to the marketplace that you don`t value the work you do. On the other end, if you`re selective you earn people`s respect.

Then you`re not seen as just another business or salesperson, you`re not seen as a commodity.

My advice to you is to stop trying to turn “losers” into “winners”, instead, help “winners” win more. That`s where the money is.


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High Ticket Sales Secret #4 – Positioning Matters

I don`t care if you`re selling yachts, private jets, apartments or coaching programs, how people buy is much more important what they buy.

If you`re constantly chasing clients, cold calling, you`ve already lost most of your positioning. Meaning, the power to influence someone at a higher level.

Not saying that prospecting calls don`t work, they`re just not the most effective way to get clients.

This is why businesses build high ticket sales funnels.

When the prospect opts-in to your email list because you`ve given him value in advance and they schedule a discovery call with you to learn more about your program after they have filled an application, now you`re in control.

They`re calling you and the only person that can be rejected is him.


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The Doctor Mentality

He came to you, he`s got the problem, you have the solution. Now, you`re the doctor, not a salesman.

When you call them, you`re the salesperson, when they call you, you`re the expert.

What if the prospect doesn`t show up to the call?

Good, it means they`re not that serious. At least you`re not wasting your time.

And what if the prospect doesn`t want to commit?

That`s ok!

He can keep his money and his problem. Buying from you or not doesn`t affect you one bit.
You`ve got to do business from that place!

People love when you come from a place of abundance because they sense that you`re not gonna hard sell them or anything, you`re just there to genuinely help them.


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High Ticket Sales Secret #5 – Sell The Outcome

If you`re still pushing features and benefits, you`re missing out on one of the core fundamentals of high ticket closing.

Here`s the reality…

Prospects don`t really care about the gadget or the program, they care about the result of using the gadget or going through the program.

That is to say, the outcome!

It`s your job to find out what is really important to the prospect, what are his deepest desires and reflect that back to him.


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Sell Them The Hole

It is said that people don’t want the drill, they want the hole.

Then sell them the freaking hole!

Why do salespeople and entrepreneurs think that the prospect wants to know everything about the product?

They don`t and the product might have a different meaning attached, depending on the type of personality the prospect embodies.

Some people buy Lambos because they think it`s cool, others because it makes them feel important.

Value is always subjective.

The key to influencing someone at a higher level is to find out what triggers them and explore it.

Ask the prospect…

“so John, let me ask you, what does success look like to you if you were to enroll in this program?”

Then, John is gonna tell you what`s important to him. Good, expand on it, don`t talk about anything else!

You are not the genius and the only thing that matters is what the prospect thinks is valuable.

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High Ticket Sales Secret #6 – Tap Into Emotions

What was going through your mind when you bought your first car or house?

How did you feel at that moment?

Did you buy based on logic or feelings?

You got it, feelings. Your prospects are no different, even more, when we`re talking about high ticket offers.

Tapping into their emotional needs will give you extreme leverage and will help you connect on a deeper level with the prospects.

Satisfying their emotional needs is what closes sales.

People are emotional beings, that`s why pushing features and benefits and using traditional closing techniques will only get you so far.


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Prospects Must Feel The Pain

If you`re closing high ticket sales, you need to understand that prospects either want to get away from an uncomfortable feeling or experience a pleasurable event they haven`t experienced yet.

You`ve got to tap into their pains and make them feel uncomfortable because if there`s no pain, there`s no sale.

The bigger the pain, the bigger the problem, the more you can charge and the better your skill needs to be.

Prospects don`t book discovery calls because it`s fun…

… no, there`s probably something bothering them and it`s your job to find that out.

Your ability to make the prospect feel the pain and connect it to the outcomes he or she wants determines your level of success in those calls.

Keep in mind that the bigger the pain, the more fear there is in their brains.

That`s why your mindset is so important. Sometimes it gets very emotional and you need to stay calm and collective to be able to close the sale.


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High Ticket Sales Secret #7 – No “Used Car Salesman” Tactics

On your next discovery call or sales encounter start the meeting with this line…

“how are you today sir, awesome, today is your lucky day!”

Or try this one…

“great sir, our product is awesome, let me show you the features and then we can sign the papers” and see what happens.

I hope this is not you!

Eliminate any traditional, typical sales language out of your vocabulary if high ticket sales success is a priority for you.

People hate to be sold but they love to buy.


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Anything But Traditional

If you don`t want to turn prospects off you need to stop acting, sounding or resembling a typical salesperson.

Those traditional closing techniques and gimmicks, like the alternative close or the assumptive close, might have worked in 1979 but we`re in the 21 century.

Imagine this…

A prospect books a call with you and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “how are you today sir?” or “how`s the weather?”

What do you think is going through his mind?

He`s probably confused thinking… “is this the weather report?”


You might even lose the sale right there, just because you gave him a reason to think that you`re just like every other guy or gal trying to sell him something.

People have negative associations with salespeople and sales, in general.

They want to talk to someone that acts like a consultant who`s there to give them a new perspective of their problems, not a slimy, pushy salesperson that only cares about the commission.


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High Ticket Sales Secrets… Wrapping It Up!

Probably the most difficult fundamental to master is really mastering yourself, it is the entry door and the door you must walk through if success matters to you.

Be prepared to face your own demons, excuses and lies you`ve been telling yourself before trying to influence someone else to face theirs.

Now you have an understanding of why closing high ticket sales is so different.

So let`s recap…

  • Master yourself first in order to influence the prospect
  • People buy what they want not what they need
  • Stop rescuing prospects, lead them to the outcome they want
  • The way people buy is much more important than what they buy
  • Focus on outcomes, not features and benefits


… people don`t buy products or services, they buy certainty and that`s exactly what you`re selling when you charge a premium.

I`ve given you my best secrets on how to close more high ticket sales than ever before. Start by implementing one at the time for maximum results.

What have you learned from this discussion?

Let me know in the comments below.