First Ever Portuguese High Ticket Closer™ For International Marketing Influencers

Hey there, my name is Pedro Campos...

I'm an inbound sales specialist on a mission to help international marketing coaches and influencers close more sales over the phone without pushy, hyped or traditional closing techniques.


What`s in it for you?

🗸 Maybe you have an amazing offer, a great funnel but you just don`t want to enroll the prospects yourself.

You spend all this time creating content, generating leads and potentially having to wear all the hats.

🗸 Or maybe you already have a sales team and you`re looking to scale your coaching business to multiple 6 figures a month.

Either way, we both know this...

... nothing happens in business until you close a sale! 👈

pedro campos

Here`s what`s happening...

We`re not in 1968, anymore!

Traditional sales "gimmicks" fall flat with modern customers and professional buyers.

Modern buyers require advanced closing strategies.

More than that, today`s prospects don`t need lectures.

They want someone that can give answers and lead them down a path that serves them without feeling like being pushed to make a decision.

Prospects these days, want new perspectives on their problems.

pedro campos

Closing deals and developing high converting sales strategies that turn lukewarm prospects into high paying clients are two of my priorities when working with any client. 

The goals for our relationship are simple every time a new client comes to me...

✔️ Predictable closing strategy
✔️ Increased closing ratios
✔️ Increased revenue

The outcomes I provide for clients are paid on a pure commission basis, giving them ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

They know they can count on someone showing up every day 100% committed to producing results.

pedro campos

Let me share with you how I work with my clients:

☑️ Potential clients must fill in an application before discussing any eventual collaboration
☑️ I get paid based on performance, not time (no salary required)
☑️ My total attention goes to serving one client at a time
☑️ I expect long term partnerships with influencers

high ticket closer


What people know me for:
🗸 Breakthrough Insights
🗸 Consultative Selling
🗸 Incredible Work Ethic
🗸 Relationship Building
🗸 Attention To Detail

If you`re still looking for the typical salesperson to help you turn around your business, maybe you should stop reading.

I`m not here to save you...

Don`t even bother filling out the application if your offer sucks and you`re not generating consistent leads.

No prospecting, no cold calling, no telemarketing or support desk.

I`m a High Ticket Closer™, not an order taker!

Now What?

Fill in the client discovery application to see how we might fit.