"Throughout high school, I was seen as a skinny weird kid"...

Allow me to introduce myself properly...

My name is Pedro Campos. I was originality born in a small town in Portugal when my parents had a business.

I`ve never been a gifted athlete, in spite of having done quite well in the military every time there was a competition.

Throughout high school, I was seen as a "skinny weird kid"...

... yes! No confidence, wouldn`t even raise my hand and every time I would do it, there was always criticism and bullying coming my way. Eye contact with people was not in my toolbag!

"Treat people like a millionaire and they`ll spend money with you like a millionaire" • Pedro Campos

I always knew I had something inside of me, that little voice saying... "you were meant to do something big."

If you have your own voice as well... please don`t ignore it. Little did I know that years later, I`d be where I am today!

At 20 years old, everything changed when I started to invest in myself.

Bodybuilding, style and personal development had entered my life. I felt unstoppable!
More aware of myself and my surroundings.

"Little did I know that years later, I`d be where I am today!"

pedro campos

At that time, I still lacked clarity.
Didn`t know what the hell I would do with my life.

So I threw myself into the military without knowing exactly what to expect, really. Well, nobody does!

It was a very humbling experience and one that I`m truly grateful for.
Discipline, work ethic and loyalty are the pillars of  I am because of it.

"Work like a slave today so one day you can live like a king." • Pedro Campos

Between dropping out of college, being a real estate agent, having failed with an online business and realizing that the traditional approach to life wasn't working, I started to desperately look for a new identity.

There were days when I would look in the mirror and ask... "who am I?"

Despite all the failures, setbacks and disappointments, I kept pushing with faith.

"There were days when I would look in the mirror and ask... who am I?"

I knew I had a bigger potential to explore but there was always something missing.


This was the formula I found to operate at my higher self.

"Always go the extra mile, you won`t find anyone there and the road is all yours" • Pedro Campos

When nobody believed in my vision, my dreams and aspirations, I did.

And there was one more special person that believed.

The missing piece in the puzzle of my life was put together when I met my lifetime mentor.

More than finding my identity, I found a way to tap into my strengths and skills to bring value to the marketplace and impact people`s lives in a way that I never dreamed possible.

pedro campos
pedro campos