Do you even know the difference between sales and marketing?

If you do, congratulations because most entrepreneurs are clueless about it. But today is the end.
The end of this confusion that`s going on in your mind, the minds of your peers and probably in the mind of most of the business world.

We`re gonna solve the mystery together. Sounds good?


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Why Most People Mix Sales And Marketing

Ok, so let`s start with why most people in business have this dark cloud in their heads. First of all, it`s not taught in schools.
The teachers are not marketers themselves, they just read from theory and chances are that they can`t sell a thing either.

Otherwise, they wouldn`t be working in schools and colleges.

You get a basic understanding of what sales and marketing are but you never seem to be able to understand, therefore confusing and mixing the two throughout the rest of your life and even worst…

… carrying all that false data into your business.

In the book, E-Myth by Michael Gerber, the author points out that most entrepreneurs are technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. What does that mean?

Most people have a job. They`re doing the technical work whether that`s building software, doing plumbing, managing social media or working in construction.

One day they wake up on the wrong side of the bed and say…

… “oh, I think I`m gonna start my own thing, my boss is a kind of a jerk anyway.”


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They start the business without any business skills, only technical skills. That`s why most entrepreneurs fail within 5 years of starting their “own thing”. The ones who make it, are usually wearing all the hats.

You know what I`m talking about!

We both know there`s a finite amount of time you have to do everything that a business requires, so you focus on building the widget and forget about marketing and sales.

Then, you try to apply what you learned in school about the subjects 10 years ago and things just don`t work… actually, they fall apart!

Things don`t work because you have no business acumen in the first place or you`re not even cut out to be an entrepreneur.
The skills that made you a successful technician have little or nothing to do with the skills required to operate a business.

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I know it`s popular… there`s a lot of gurus out there promoting entrepreneurship and that`s good but building a successful business is not as easy as switching on the light and money appears.


*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


What Is Sales?

Sales is any activity you do to convert a prospect into a customer.
When you`re closing on the phone, negotiating a deal, upselling an existing customer or simply flapping your lips, you`re selling.

The term “sales” has a bad reputation and most people in business, believe it or not, are not comfortable selling.

We`re brainwashed by society, schools and our parents. Throughout our childhood, we`re made to believe that selling is bad, unethical or that if you choose sales as a career, people would criticize you.

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The problem is that when you carry all these negative emotions into your own business, things start to complicate. You don`t want to be a bad person, do you?

Of course not!

Then you make sure that all your time is spent on perfecting your product instead of getting it out there into the marketplace.

This is a business killer!

Nobody is gonna buy your stuff unless they know about it. It`s not like “we have a great product… but don`t tell anyone.”

See how dumb that sounds?

Because let`s face it… nothing happens until you make a sale. Until you make a sale, you don`t have a business, you have an expensive hobby.


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What Is Marketing?

Marketing is anything you do to attract potential customers. It can be done online (leveraging Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram), offline or both ways.

It starts before you make a sale.

Understand that you`re not in the real estate, the plumbing or the car business, you`re in the business of marketing your services and yourself.

You are your biggest asset! Marketing is typically the area that`s most under-appreciated.

It`s very common in the business world to hear phrases such as… “I don`t need a marketing budget” or “why do I need to learn about this marketing thing?”

Most entrepreneurs think that it`s not that important. Marketing is not only important but it is the business.

On the other side, they focus most of their attention on sales and fulfillment of the services or even worst, on making the “widget” better, ending up with no time for marketing because either they can`t afford to hire someone to do it or still live with the old adage of “you want it done, do it yourself” in their heads.

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At the end of the day, excuses are made to why they didn`t do any marketing activities and rationalize that it`s really not that important.


Until you make a sale, you don`t have a business, you have an expensive hobby. Click To Tweet


Most people learn sales and marketing in business schools, as I said in the beginning and seem to never have it understood until the doors are closed.
Society is used to wrongly “juggle” these two terms together. It seems like the school system prepares people to fail rather than to succeed.

Don`t be fooled!

Learn how to market and you`ll never be out of business.


*Source: Dan Lok`s YouTube Channel


Never Confuse Sales And Marketing Again

The difference is simple… marketing is attraction, sales is conversion! Remember this and you`ll never be confused again. What happens when you`re confused?


You don`t take action. Both are extremely important in any business, one doesn`t exist without the other. They both need to work together for a business to function properly.

Let me know in the comments if this made sense to you and what changes you`re going to make in your business. Information is power only if it`s applied.