Finding a sales job like any other job can be a stressful and frustrating journey. With hundreds of resumes reaching the tables of recruiters, it has become more and more difficult to stand out as a sales professional.

And the good news is that you can do something about it.

Today, I`m gonna share with you what has worked for me and thousands of others closers when looking for a high paying sales position.
These strategies when applied have resulted in multiple six figure a year contracts.

Getting hired and paid well doesn`t need to be either frustrating, complicated or require a resume, you just need to act differently and know what you`re doing.


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How To Get Hired Without A Resume

As you know, recruiters have to deal with hundreds, even thousands of CV`s when considering people to fill in the positions their company is looking for.
Your first job is to make the recruiters` job easier.

That`s right!

Make their job easier by standing out and doing something different. Put yourself in their shoes and show them that you`ve got something special.


The Video Resume

The only way you`re going to separate yourself from the other candidates is through video. Shoot a good quality video, doesn`t need to be fancy.

If you have the name of the hiring manager, you can even make a personalized video, which is always more powerful and send it by email or any other medium.

Record a video where you explain what you do, how your skills could match the position and what value you can bring to the company.


sales job resume


It`s a phenomenal way to get people to know you because you`ve shown up on camera, they can see and hear you.

How does the recruiter know you`re a good communicator looking at a piece of paper?
The video will help you stand out, build trust and project a confident vibe.

Let`s keep it real, almost nobody does this!


The “Modern Resume”

Personally, I always like to go the extra mile.

What I do is sort of formal letter with my video embedded in it and all the relevant links, including, website, LinkedIn profile and personality test.

I also leave a booking link in case the recruiter or the business owner wants to book a call with me to discuss how we might be a fit.
It just makes the process a lot easier for them and it`s a way to position myself as the expert.


sales job resume


You can do this with an app called Canva, they have a sample for every taste. It`s very easy!

This is not mandatory but if you really want to step up your game and increase your chances of getting hired, I suggest you give it a try.


Where To Find High Paying Sales Jobs

Look, they`re everywhere!

If you look in the right places, you won`t have any difficulties landing a high paying sales job.

Make sure when you go after these positions or people that might give you a position, to not act desperately and spam them.
Give value and use your common sense to connect with people.


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Facebook Groups

It has never been my favorite way to engage with people, that`s the truth. But it can be very effective done right.

Pick a good sized group, within your industry and start engaging with people`s posts. Commenting is the best.

You can also create posts in a value-driven way to start the engagement running within the group.
Be aware that the owner can ban you at any time if your behavior is misleading.


sales job resume


Some groups might not have as much engagement as you`d like.
No worries, keep searching until you find one that other people actually show up aside from the owner.



Twitter is a great way to find influencers, entrepreneurs and connect with those that can find your services valuable.

I like Twitter because it`s so simple to play with!

They have this tool called Advanced search, which allows you to refine your search and get more precise results.


sales job resume


What I like about this one is that it lets you search people, hashtags or companies based on a specific location.

This is very powerful if you`re looking for a position within your area.



By far my preferred method to engage with employers and influencers.

Linkedin is an extremely powerful social platform to attract lucrative contracts, in fact, all my contracts up to this point came from Linkedin.

There are so many ways to get visibility here!

The ones I recommend are liking and commenting on people`s posts (the double engagement is beneficial to the post in relation to how the algorithm works) and obviously searching on the jobs section.


sales job resume


Linkedin also allows you to create job alerts sent to your inbox every time a similar position to the one you’re looking for is available on the platform.



There are a lot of examples I could give you of job posting sites but in my opinion, this is one of the best sources to find great contracts.

You`ll notice that companies post the same job in different sites and again, this is just the one I found to be the easiest to work with.


sales job resume


On Indeed, you get a ton of information about the company and what they`re looking for.

I also found that many job opportunities here have the email of the recruiter. Now, it`s easier to send a personalized video, since you know his or her name.



Connecting with people online is good but meeting them in person is a whole another story.

When someone goes to a conference or industry trade show, they`re usually in the same spot for a few days.
This is your chance to meet valuable connections and potential employers.


sales job resume


Conferences about entrepreneurship are the best, of course.

The big advantage of face to face meetings, as you know, is that it`s easier to influence the other person since all your senses are involved.


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A great way to connect with influencers, coaches, consultants or speakers. Workshops have a double benefit.

You pay to go there and learn, and you also get a chance to meet influential personalities that can help you land a solid sales position.


sales job resume


Many of these experts have high ticket packages and are willing to pay someone to close those sales in exchange for a commission.

These are usually small groups and tend to be multi-day events as well.

(NOTE: How To Never Have To Beg For A Sales Job And Make Millions From Your Phone Without Prospecting Or Cold Calling)


Position Yourself As The Go To Salesperson

Want to never have to look for a sales position ever again?

Then you have to be seen as the expert.
People have to know you for your expertise and that means putting yourself out there and start building a personal brand around your expertise.

You have a personal brand whether you like it or not, it`s your reputation, what people think of you when they hear your name.

The point is that people need to know you for something you do very well.

Nobody likes to hire average sales professionals and if you can have others say great things about you, then it`s easier to get your foot in the door.


sales job resume


Pick An Industry

Don`t be just like every other salesperson out there… “oh, I can sell anything!”


You might have the skills to sell anything but that`s not the way you should position yourself if you want to get paid as an expert in sales.

Choose an industry you`re comfortable selling in, maybe it`s real estate, medical or digital marketing.

It`s better to focus on one industry and become extremely knowledgeable at it than selling for 20 different industries and mastering no one.

Jumping from one industry to the other doesn`t help you either, it takes time and effort every time you need to learn about a new space or a new product.


Nail Your Linkedin Profile

We`ve talked about Linkedin and how good it is for sales professionals.

It really is! But most important than being there is being with the right profile.

I`ve done an in-depth guide on how to use Linkedin to build your brand, get business or get hired.

In that guide, I talked about the importance of having a consistent theme in your profile, not having blank spaces and making sure that you collect recommendations along the way.


sales job resume


Another important aspect is letting recruiters know you`re open and filling out your career interests.

It`s just another way for you to show up every time a recruiter does a search with those keywords and is looking to fill a sales position.


Create Specific Content

Again, you don`t have to do this but if you`re serious about taking your career to next level and never have to worry about looking for a job, then you should do it.

Experience is thrown out the window, once you start pumping out content related to the specific problems you solve for companies.

Employers will not even question your expertise. What expertise, you might be thinking?



sales job resume


It doesn`t have to be about that all the time but it needs to be a fundamental piece in your content strategy.

If you`re a sales professional, it doesn`t make sense to talk about branding, unless you want to attract a position in that industry.


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Throw The Sales Resume Out The Window

I understand, some companies, especially big ones, are required to have you send a resume.

I`ve had that happened.

What I`m saying is don`t rely on a useless piece of paper to sell anyone your values and your expertise.

How does the hiring manager know your skills are good, just by looking at your experience or education, what does that matter?

Just because you did good in one job doesn`t mean you`re gonna be a rockstar on the other.
Save whoever is hiring time by acting differently, standing out in the noise and being someone of value.

Was this article helpful for your job search?

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