You probably already know this…

Landing high ticket clients requires a great sales strategy. You only don`t know what you don`t know, is that simple!

Sometimes, entrepreneurs are so close to their businesses that they lose sight of the big picture and the root of their problems.

Having a plan that`s tailored to your particular business can prevent you from blending in and being labeled as a “me-too”.


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Before showing you a ridiculously profitable high ticket sales strategy to attract dream clients on demand, I`m gonna start by giving you the philosophies behind the practical example.

This is a quote from the classic book “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu…

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” 

Ultimately, having a successful high ticket business involves having a strategy, knowing yourself, your industry and your prospects.

This post will show you how to win most battles, standing out from the crowd and having a lot of fun doing it.


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Be A High Ticket Client Yourself

One day, my mentor was talking to a success coach, whatever that means… “success coach!” Anyway, the coach was telling him that it was getting more and more difficult to enroll new clients.

Confronted with the problem, the coach was asked if he ever bought a $10 000 package before.

“Of course not, are you crazy… I`d never spend that much money on coaching” – he responded.

How can you influence someone to buy your high ticket offer if you don`t know what`s like to invest at that level?

Don`t be a hypocrite, your prospects can sense your hesitation when you ask for big money.


Become The Chase Not The Chaser

Seriously, if your business depends on cold calling and chasing people… you`ve got to stop. Sure, that might work for some industries, I get it.

But the minute you knock on a door or send a cold pitch to get business, you lost most of the power you had to influence someone.

You`re now in a defensive position, chasing the prospects and projecting a desperate attitude.

That`s not how you successfully sell high ticket. You must come from a place of abundance, where you`re seen as the expert, the leader and not just another “used car salesman.”

You must take all the power away from the buyer in order to maximize your results and becoming the chase will allow you to accomplish just that.


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Create A Consistent Lead Flow

Let`s get serious here…

If you don`t have a predictable way to acquire a customer, you don`t have a business… you have an expensive hobby.
Heck, most entrepreneurs don`t even know the difference between sales and marketing.

It`s common to see coaches and consultants struggling to keep their income stable, they constantly run on this treadmill trying to get clients, doing the work, chasing clients again and doing the work.

You want to have so many leads coming in that you don`t know what to do with them.
Having an abundance of contacts will give you more freedom to pick and choose the types of people you want to work with.


Drive Up The Demand

If people are booking more discovery sessions that you can handle, congratulations!
Most people in the coaching industry tend to not value themselves, ending up taking any client that comes along.
It`s mostly a problem of self-worth.

Let me tell you a little story…

A few months ago, I was approached by a lady that needed my services to grow her coaching business. We were on the phone and she asked if I could give her a hand.
Presented with the request, I said… “hum, I`m not sure, I`ve got a lot of things going on, maybe this isn`t a good time.”

At the time, I had no clients! Oh, but isn`t that dishonest? – you may ask.

It`s called positioning. I was able to be perceived as someone of value, building my reputation by pushing her offer away.

Most importantly, I didn`t come across desperate and she got away with the impression that if we work together in the future, it won’t be because of neediness.

The bottom line is when demand goes up you can charge more money.
When demand goes up, you want to be doing more marketing activities than ever. It builds the momentum!



sales strategy
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*Source: Policonomics


No More Free Coaching

Want some “pain in the ass” clients?

Offer free coaching sessions!

Please stop! It doesn`t serve you nor the prospect. You try to give as much value as you can, trying to help that person and then what happens?

Exactly! They get no significant results, end up by not appreciating your work and guess what… chances are that you`ll never do business with them. It`s in their nature… they`re cheap and never commit to anything.

People value what they pay for!

Free coaching attracts bad clients that are not willing to commit to a long-term relationship.

If you`re ok with only transactional relationships, it`s up to you but if you want dream clients that value you as a human being and professional, you need to stop giving free advice.

Use a discovery session instead to see if the prospect is a good fit for what you offer and focus on the transformation after you enroll him.


Have The Prospect Call You

How can you have your prospects` full attention when you call them out of the blue?

You simply can`t!
They`re not expecting your call, you`re interrupting their day. Have them book a time you.

State in a clear way that they need to contact you or someone from your team at a specific time to have a discussion around what they want to solve, understand their unique situation and see if it`s a good fit for the offer.

If they don`t show up, good! At least you know they`re not that serious.

Scheduling discovery calls makes sense because it`s super easy to send reminders, give value before the session, prevents you from wasting time with people that are just “shopping around” or “kind of interested” and makes the process of closing sales a lot smoother for prospects that show up.


If you don`t have a predictable way to acquire a customer, you don`t have a business... you have an expensive hobby. Click To Tweet


Start Charging Per Value Not Per Hour

When you charge per hour, the marketplace sees you as a commodity. Aside from not being a scalable model, it just doesn`t serve your clients.

You do not fix all their problems in an hour or two. We both know that!

This will force you to chase clients all the time instead of attracting because their level of commitment is so low. Your average customer lifetime value will be much higher when you charge per value delivered.

What you want to do is create a high ticket package that delivers one specific outcome to your prospect.
By using this approach you’ll be able to produce better results, enroll more committed clients and charge more money.

As you`re working with your clients, if they need further assistance you can always add other complementary packages to your offering.

Make it simple! Too many choices will drastically decrease your conversions.


Put A Stop To Band-Aid Approaches

Charging clients per hour is an example of a band-aid approach. “I pay you a little bit of money and you give a little bit of your time and knowledge.”

You`re not in the fixing business! You`re in the business of transforming people`s lives.

When you charge too little, you`re forced to either try to acquire the client for free or give them “quick fixes.” This is why the coaching industry has a bad reputation.

People with little or no expertise trying to transform someone`s life in a 45-minute skype consultation.

Come on… really?

You simply cannot build a sustainable coaching or consulting business with transactional relationships. Remember that you`re selling the invisible, you`re selling emotions and ultimately transformations.


sales strategy
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Know Your Prospects Intimately

It`s not what you`re thinking! Do you actually know your prospects better than they know themselves?
Most of your peers in the coaching and consulting industry don`t. If there`s one thing that can impact your business at a massive level is this.

  • What books, publications, blogs do they read?
  • What`s their profession and hobbies?
  • Are they middle class or affluent?
  • Do they have kids?
  • What are their deepest desires?
  • What keeps them awake at night?
  • What is the one insight you can give that will shake their world?

You`ve got to know that! Most businesses are clueless when it comes to understanding their target market.

If your marketing message doesn`t resonate with your ideal high ticket client, you`re just wasting time, energy and money creating content, buying ads and hoping that someone will convert.

Do your research and survey your existing customers. Get to know them at a deep, emotional level.


Most people in the coaching industry tend to not value themselves, ending up taking any client that comes along. Click To Tweet


High Ticket Sales Strategy Example

This an example of one of the most profitable client attraction strategies for coaches and consultants.

What I like about this is that it`s simple, it allows you to deliver great value through video and save time if you want to record the webinar and use over and over again.

The webinar might be broadcasted live or as a recording.
Either way, it`s a powerful sales strategy you can use to enroll high ticket clients on demand.


sales strategy
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*Source: Automation Bridge


There are many other forms of attracting high ticket clients but this is a favorite of mine. Not only as a marketer but as a sales closer.

Don`t forget to set up an automation event that allows you to send an email reminder to the folks that didn`t schedule a consultation or discovery call.

Combining a simple offer with a predictable lead attraction system will give you peace of mind, less stress and time to actually focus on what you do best…

… leading prospects through a transformation.