The Essential Membership is designed to help the inexperienced marketer get up and running with their businesses by providing them the marketing tools, products and all the support necessary to assist their progression.

  • It doesn`t matter if you`re an existing business owner or just someone looking to have more flexibility in their lives, the education system will provide you with the marketing know-how to start and build your online business. The modules are user-friendly and easy to follow giving you all the instructions necessary to guide you through each and every curriculum.

  • Fresh and up to date value is what you can expect out of this platform. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to go at your own pace, through the micro-learning educational videos, presented from 60 to 120 seconds. This innovative method allows for better retention of information and makes it simple for the user to understand every concept. You`ll find yourself learning more in less time, going through the extensive list of micro classes.

  • There are services required in order to start and run an online business, such as website creation, web hosting, campaign tracking and customer acquisition tools. To ease the process, we`ve created the Digital Business Louge (DBL), a platform with all the tools in one place to help you reinforce your presence on the internet. The support team is ready to help you tackle any challenge you may face with the platform and its simplicity is geared towards people who may not have much experience with technology.

  • To prevent information overwhelm every student will have access to professional guidance by our highly experienced system consultants. Your own personal expert helping you achieve and exceed your individual results. After you submit the application, you`ll be assigned with a dedicated SFM consultant to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

  • What surprised me the most about the SFM was the kindness of the people behind the scenes that are willing to help you with any technical or unexpected issues. Whether you have questions about the setup, report a bug or you need help with the affiliate platform, you`re just one click away from getting all the support you deserve. You can reach the support team via live chat, phone or by checking the knowledge base.

  • Packed with great value and entertaining are the live weekly webinars presented by the digital experts at SFM. On these live training calls, you`ll get a perspective on the strategies you need to apply to your business, so that you can maximize its growth. Many leaders will step up and there will be the opportunity for you to consume valuable information for these "been there, done that" experts.

  • The SFM community is their biggest asset, you`ll find people who are eager to help, give useful advice and guiding you in the best direction possible. You`ll make new friends for life fast and there is a wide range of places where you can connect with these like-minded people, from the private community forum, live masterminds to facebook groups and live events hosted around the world.

  • In the events, you`ll have the opportunity to meet the leaders of our community in person as they share their secrets, strategies and successes. Held throughout the year all around the world, we make sure that they are of easy access and provide the best experience possible for those who attend the events and want to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.


Digital Business Lounge is a platform that hosts all the marketing tools you need to start and run an online business, from website creation to developing stunning graphics, this is the fastest way to take care of your marketing needs.


Simple Lead Capture allows you to create pages in a simple way, with no coding or complex HTML techniques. It`s a tool that can save you time and energy.


Essential Membership

    Essential Price: $197 first month and $97 per month thereafter

    Includes all features described on this page

    (Your application must be submitted and approved)

    *DISCLAIMER: Providing the users an honest experience is one of my goals, I want to make sure to set the expectations when it comes to individuals results. These can vary and there is no guarantee for any kind of results coming from the use of the training and systems referenced on this website. Although, the testimonials are valid, that fact, for itself cannot guarantee you will have the same results. Your determination, willingness to persist and work ethic will determine your success and the amount you will get paid using the training program.